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OMEGA heart

{FSC Time Machine} DIY Valentine Hijinx

 I say that ALL home cooking is a way to someone’s heart but if you want to focus on sweets & treats, here’s a couple recipes to inspire! -Christina Elizabeth’s step by step guide on baking cut-out cookies. +++ If you missed yesterday’s piece by Becky H’s on DIY Chocolate Bars- get to it! +++ Becky […]

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{baking basics 101} How to Make Cut-Out Cookies

Is it just me or does a plate piled high with cut-out cookies look both elegant and homespun at the same time? Over the years, however, I’ve had many people tell me that they avoid making cut-out cookies. Due to bad experiences, they only make drop cookies. And while drop cookies are wonderful, it’s nice […]

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toasted nuts for the biscotti

{edible gift} Biscotti, Cookies for Adults

I am not a real fan of cookies. I mean sometimes I will eat one but I am usually disappointed and think they are not worth the calories.  So when people bring Christmas cookies to my house, I let my husband, sons and granddaughter polish them off without regret.  There is one kind of Christmas […]

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{from scratch holidays} DIY Natural Food Coloring

As the Holidays are upon us, cookie-making season is in full swing. My kids have a list of cookies they want to make {or rather, eat}, I have my own recipe list of goodies to try, and then of course there are the edible gifts.  At my house, there will be lots of cookie baking […]

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lavendar cookies!

{recipe link love} Cookies Cookies Cookies!

{Albany Food Swap: Lavender cookies by Swapper Nicole} To celebrate our December Food Swaps, which will be traditional cookie & recipe swaps, I am doing a little recipe link love to some absolutely fabulous cookie recipes I’m seeing all over the interwebs these days! +++ First up, Our friend Kate Payne has a Gluten-Free Sugar […]

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{edible gift} Deliciously Easy Toffee Cookies

Holiday time is here! It’s time to start thinking of the edible gifts, cookie swaps, and desserts for parties. In the mood for an easy cookie recipe that will garner rave reviews every time? Look no further than this toffee cookie recipe! It’s so easy that anyone can make it. Even experienced bakers who take pride […]

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{passover} The Great Macaroon Bake Off

Passover, or Pesach, has a number of dietary restrictions related to eating leavened or fermented grains.  You can’t eat any wheat, rye, barley, oats or spelt unless they have been completely cooked within 18 minutes of coming into contact with water. Most people simply don’t eat any of those foods unless they have been prepared […]

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{photo diary} Sugar Cookies on a Snow Day

We had a snowstorm today. It was supposed to be gigantic. It still left a foot of snow + a half-foot from yesterday but still it wasn’t the 2+ feet of snowing-all-day event that the meteorologists were predicting. We needed a project for today…playdo animals- check! New track set-up on the train table- check! Large […]

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