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{recipe recap} Edible Gifts, Part 1

We have completed two months of our yearly project: from scratch holidays: recipes & homemade edible gifts.  (you can click in the link above for all of our ‘fsc holiday posts from 2010-2012) We hope you were inspired by the various ideas and recipes and that your friends & family members might get a yummy gift […]

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Rosie Collins

{from scratch holidays} Building A Home Bar 101

Whether you are throwing a big holiday shin-dig, or you just want to keep a well-stocked cabinet of libations, it is good to know how to create a home bar to suit a variety of tastes and palates. You don’t need to spend tons of money or buy-out an entire liquor store to achieve this… […]

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{edible gift} Candied Grapefruit Peels

A few months ago, I bought a satchel of organic grapefruits. When I tried one a day or two later, I realized they were unbearably sour (serves me right for buying them out of season). They sat on my shelf for a couple of weeks, until I finally decided it was time to stage an […]

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