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The Homemade Kitchen author Alana Chernila


CLASS IS CANCELLED. From the Plate to the Page: Eating, thinking, and writing with Alana Chernila   Food is never just food. It’s memory, family, love, loss, and everything in between. Come early to this weekend’s food swap and join Alana for an inspirational workshop on translating tastes into words. Open to beginners and seasoned writers alike. Come hungry […]

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{FSC Time Machine} podcasting in 2012

In 2012, we started the FSC Podcast, a dream of mine since FSC began. Christine made it a reality. I handed her a ‘podcasting’ audio kit that I had received for Christmas in 2010 and off she went; researching music, testing-testing-testing the microphones, Garageband’s ins & outs and finding interviewing programs. She was pumped and ready […]

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book club meet-up 2

{FSC Book Club} 2nd Selection Final Recap

It’s safe to say that round two of the FSC Book Club was a success! We had over 120 members join us at our new book club host site, Goodreads, and lots of folks chiming in on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Over the course of a few months, we cooked our way through the wonderful […]

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butternut squash soup book club

{fsc book club} Assignment 3 & 4 Recap: Soups, Baking, Frozen Foods, Pasta & Sauce

We’re chugging right along with the FSC Book Club. We’ve tackled Soups & Baking Needs/Mixes and are now in the middle of the chapters on Frozen Food, Pasta and Sauce. We’re thrilled with how well it’s going! Folks are reading and cooking, adjusting recipes, asking questions and sharing what they’ve made. Our forum over on […]

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ALana class

{fsc housekeeping} FSC Classes & Events

Before we continue our ‘from scratch holiday’ series, I wanted to update our FSC ACADEMY’s November & December class schedule both at Brookside Museum and at The Arts Center of the Capital Region,  plus announce the winner of the latest giveaway and reminder you all of our Special Event Class & our Troy Farmers Market […]

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Alana in her kitchen

{fsc podcast} Episode 8: The Homemade Pantry

Those of you following along with the blog or the FSC Book Club know that we love Alana Chernila and her cookbook, The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying & Start Making. So it should come as no surprise that we are absolutely thrilled to bring you a fascinating, in-depth interview with Alana during […]

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{giveaway} Holiday Stories From Your Kitchen

The good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing, the laughable. Kitchen highlights, lowlights, disasters and award-winning triumphs. For our December Episode of the FSC Podcast, Christine & I are producing a very special episode, Holiday Stories from your Kitchen, filled with the ups, downs, the sweat, the tears and panic with holiday home cooking. Come […]

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book club pantry

{fsc book club} Assignment 2 Recap: Canned Things, Condiments, Spices & Spreads

The FSC Book Club is rocking! We’ve got 92 members signed up on Goodreads and are diving into homemade cookery and pantry staples as an awesome virtual group. For this assignment, we looked at Chapter 3 (Canned Fruits, Vegetables & Beans) and Chapter 4 (Condiment, Spices & Spreads) of The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can […]

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{diy project} On Community & Kimchi

Editor’s Note: Gina of Modschooler & Albany Kid is back with yet another informative post, this time she discusses her love for the FSC Book Club, The Homemade Pantry & Kimchi. Gina’s other pieces include: Slow Cooker Dulce de Leche, Vegetable Bouillon, Slow Cooker Beans, Empire Boardwalk & Downton Abbey- Inspired Drinks, Homemade Grenadine, and Serious […]

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{fsc book club} Assignment 1: Dairy, Cereals & Snacks

We are officially a week and a half into the relaunch of the FSC Book Club and it has been amazing! We switched our home base from the old Facebook forum to Goodreads, expanded our social media presence and decided to both read and cook our way through our current selection, Alana Chernila‘s The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods […]

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{fsc book club} Relaunch w/ 2nd Book Selection (& Giveaway Winner)

The results are in! Thank you to everyone who took a moment to answer our poll about the FSC Book Club. We wanted to hear directly from you how we can grow this thing into a super fun, no pressure, foodie-friendly book club. We asked about the types of books you want to read, the […]

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{winning} at the Delmar Farmers Market & on the Blog

Last Saturday turned out to be a hot & humid day with a few breaks of rain, a typical day for the farmers market. Sunny one minute, turns to cloudy with wind, then blazing sun again. Ahh the days of summer.Working at the farmers market circuit for my second summer, you really get a sense […]

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{Old Skool DIY} Creating Fresh Pasta By Hand

I realized recently that From Scratch Club had never had a post about making fresh pasta and wondered why.  I then realized that I had never made fresh pasta and wondered why. While making fresh pasta this weekend for the first time there were moments when I thought it was kind of a hassle and […]

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{FSC Swappers} The New Food Swap Frontier

Schenectady. There I said it. Its a thing. Its happening. You’ve asked, we’ve answered with a THIRD food swap location: Schenectady, NY. Our fabulous host: The First Unitarian Church of Schenectady. What makes this such a sweet announcement is that the organization came to us! Longtime reader Melissa, the Church’s Education Director, approached me via […]

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Alana Chernila, author of The Homemade Pantry, giving an author's talk at the April 2012 Troy Food Swap.

{FSC PODCAST} episode 03: food entrepreneurs

This month’s podcast highlights a few of the creative, hardworking people who have made food not only their personal passion, but the basis for their professinal lives as well. We’re calling them food entrepreneurs. We spoke with two such food entrepreneurs to learn how they turned their passions for local foods into thriving businesses. A few […]

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