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Yum, pizza!

{diy project} High Achieving Slothfulness

We make maple syrup by tapping neighborhood trees every year and boiling the sap down in our driveway on a make-shift cinder block fireplace.  This year our syruping partner Lin suggested that we try using the fire to cook while we sat around all day drinking rum and watching the sap boil; a kind of […]

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10emaple butter photo by Ellie Markovitch

{diy project} Homemade Maple Cream

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest contributor, Ellie Markovitch, an artist, educator for the Agricultural Stewardship Association (among other organizations) , multimedia storyteller, member of Chefs Consortium. -Christina It is Maple season in New York and a few weekends ago I joined the Agricultural Stewardship Association tour of Peggy and Matt Cannon’s Maple and Milk farm. I captured […]

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10 1/2 quarts of syrup, final count for the day's boil

{photo diary} A Temporary Fireplace for Making Maple Syrup

My last post about syruping included a few photos of the cinder block fireplace we built in 2011 for boiling down the sap that we collect from maple trees in our neighborhood.  When we built our current fireplace a week later, I took more extensive photos.  We changed our fireplace a little this year; we […]

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building the side walls two blocks high

{how to} A Temporary Fireplace for Making Maple Syrup

Editor’s Note: Its that time of year again- Maple Sap running! You can do it- go outside & tap your neighborhood maple trees (with permission from your neighbors of course!) Dianna is back with another (helpful) installment in her How To Maple Syrup Series. If you weren’t with us last year this time, Dianna cranked […]

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{How To} Tap Your Own Maple Syrup

Editor’s Note: We’re back with a post not to be missed. Dianna and her family boil their own maple syrup from tapping trees around their urban neighborhood. Tapping time is now, so read the post and examine the pictures carefully and get out there and do it! There is a {photo diary} to accompany this […]

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