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{Know Your Farmer} tangleroot farm & my kohlrabi salad

We have new farmers this year. They fell into our lap at the last minute and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still getting to know them, but from what I can tell so far we were lucky to find them because their veggies are outstanding. I had hoped to sign up for a CSA this […]

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{brown baggin’ it} Freezer Friendly

I love living on a budget. And perhaps if I keep telling myself that, one day I might even believe it. Being on a tight budget for the last six months (living alone is really not as cheap as it sounds) has taught me how to keep things simple, and look for ways to stretch […]

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Massaged Kale Salad by Alexis

{ode to a vegetable} Massaged Kale and Me

Kale is important to me. I found it all by myself as a college student and it has stuck with me ever since.  There’s something about kale that represents my food ethics better than any other food.  It is diverse, hardy and adaptable.  Many an evening kale has been my starting point for dinner preparation, […]

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Brown Bag

{Brown Bag Blues} homemade seitan to the rescue

There are the blues when you have no money.  There are the blues when the political party you can’t stand wins the election.  There are the blues when your children grow up and leave you behind.  I’ve had all those blues.  But right now, I have the brown bag blues (with apologies to Gil Scott […]

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{from scratch holidays} Arugula Pesto, Two Ways

I like local food. I like to eat it, I like to read about it and I like to sell it. Every Saturday morning I am lucky enough to talk about and sell local vegetables for Michael Kilpatrick (Kilpatrick Family Farm) at the farmers market in Saratoga Springs. Working at the market is so much fun for me, […]

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{community} Be a Dinner Elf

Food is much more than a series of nutrients and calories. Food brings people together to celebrate the good times and helps sustain us during the tough times. Some recipes are infused with memories and help honor important people and times in our lives. Food is at the center of any good get-together: a casual […]

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{theme week} get your pizza on.

Pizza. Its quick, can be a healthy “one pot” meal and the options are endless. Grill it. Bake it. Pizza for one. Pizza for many. Dessert Pizza. Focaccia. CSA Veg Pizza or Meat Explosion Pizza. With the bounty of the summer comes endless flavor combos and ways to prepare it. Pizza becomes an essential “comfort” […]

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{St. Patricks Day} boxty on the griddle

Editor’s Note: Welcome FOODPRESS readers!  Our St. Patrick’s Day {theme week} continues with Dianna. I have NEVER heard of Boxy…bring it on Dianna! -Christina Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan, If you can’t bake boxty sure you’ll never get a man. Irish children’s rhyme (can’t you see the little girls jumping rope?) My […]

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{recipe} Easier is Healthier with Rice Crust Quiche

I have to credit my old landlady with this recipe idea (to clarify, she’s not old, but did used to be my landlady).  She suggested making quiche with a rice crust instead of buying or making a flour crust and, considering this makes the quiche both more nutritious and much easier to make, I haven’t […]

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{Dark Days} Week 9: Cooking in LA?

Editor’s Note: This is the ninth week of a 4 1/2 month challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible.  – Christina ——————————– I feel like I really blew it on this Dark Days challenge. Here I am […]

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{Dark Days} Week 8: Soup by Trial & Error

Editor’s Note: This is the eighth week of a 4 1/2 month challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible.  – Christina The more I have thought about possible meals for the Dark Days Challenge, the more I […]

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{FSclub} Soup Swap Day 2011

When we began this club, our monthly meetings were all about sharing a food experience, but once the blog was launched the three hour meetings quickly became more about the blog; topics, theme weeks, recipes, generating readers, giveaways, guest contributors. Not a horrible thing, but something that can be discussed via email and not something […]

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{WNIMK} Winter Summer Rolls

Editor’s Note: What’s New in My Kitchen Wednesdays, is a weekly post where we weave a personal story with a review of a beloved or new “item” in our kitchen, in our glass or on our plate. Alexis was inspired by the sight of rice paper spring roll wrappers in the grocery store. -Christina There […]

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{How You Do It} My New Found Love…

Editor’s Note: Erica, one of our two regular Guest Contributors won Mark Bittman’s Food Matters Cookbook back in October. We asked her for an update. Since this drawing, none of the ladies on our “Who Are We” page enter the giveaways, at the time of drawing Erica was not a club regular. -Christina I have […]

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{recipe} College Girl Black Bean Stir Fry

When I was a freshman in college I had the unusual privilege, at the age of 18, to move in to an apartment with some friends during my second semester (it was no easy battle to convince my parents of the necessity of this move at the time, let me tell you).  It was in […]

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