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{FREE EBOOK} from scratch holidays

Originally posted on FROM SCRATCH CLUB:
Coined ‘from scratch holidays‘, we wanted to dedicate most of November & December’s content to various seasonal recipes for your holiday table, edible gifts and reflections on the holiday season as a whole. We have more to come, including radish toasts, DIY coffee creamer, beef jerky, dark chocolate covered…

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{FSC Time Machine} Thanksgiving 2013

Editor’s Note: Here’s Thanksgiving recipes over the past three years… Hope some inspire a new side dish or dessert or cocktail for your feast! -Christina Becky’s Creamy Pumpkin Pasta (gluten & dairy free) Maple Citrus & Ginger Cranberry Preserves Cornbread Stuffing Dianna’s 1st FSC post: Her Family’s Thanksgiving Traditions AND a Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe! […]

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{RECIPE REcap} Homemade Halloween Goodies

Halloween is right around the corner, why not get creative in the kitchen with your chocolate skills or your sugar skills! The FSC Time Machine starts us out with the Becky Show with all of her fabulous posts from October 2011 from her D.I.Y. Halloween Candy Series, then we move into other sugary items that […]

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Slice of Pie

{reflections on food} My Independence Day

Last 4th of July I began my independence from sugar. I went to the parade on Avenue A, the street where I grew up. The parade began with my generation, in the thick of the centennial spirit of the mid-seventies. One year I wore the bridesmaid gown I wore at my uncle’s wedding. The next […]

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Erica's Irish SODA Bread

{FSC Time Machine} St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

St. Patrick’s Day 2013 is this Sunday. For those who celebrate, here’s a few FSC recipes to inspire your holiday fare. BOXY on the Griddle by Dianna. Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan, If you can’t bake boxty sure you’ll never get a man. Irish children’s rhyme +++ Way back in 2011, Erika […]

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chocolate popcorn

{edible gifts} Chocolate Coconut Popcorn

I really love popcorn.  When I make a bowl of popcorn for my daughter to snack on, I find myself unable to stop eating it and usually consume an entire batch in one sitting.  Most often I eat it sprinkled with nutritional yeast, but when given the opportunity to consume sweetened popcorn, I get excited. […]

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toasted nuts for the biscotti

{edible gift} Biscotti, Cookies for Adults

I am not a real fan of cookies. I mean sometimes I will eat one but I am usually disappointed and think they are not worth the calories.  So when people bring Christmas cookies to my house, I let my husband, sons and granddaughter polish them off without regret.  There is one kind of Christmas […]

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{from scratch holidays} Gingerbread Gift Tags

The holidays are upon us, and many people are in the midst of exchanging presents with friends and family.  If you have kids on the list of those you are giving to, consider this fun {and delicious} way to decorate and label your gifts. Gingerbread Cookie  Gift Tags Gingerbread cookies make a sturdy base in […]

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{fsc podcast} Episode 9: Holiday Stories From Your Kitchens

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought we’d bring you a special storytelling episode of the From Scratch Club podcast. We talked with a few of our blog readers, podcast listeners, FSC Swappers and other friends and asked them to share holiday tales from their kitchen. The good, the bad & the ugly. […]

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{edible gift} Making D.I.Y. Treats for Your Food Allergic Friends

Ask Permission Many folks on a restricted diet simply aren’t comfortable eating treats—no matter how lovingly and safely made—from a kitchen that isn’t 100% free of their allergens. Before spending time and money on a recipe that your friend won’t be able to enjoy, ask them if they’re comfortable accepting a home baked treat. Let […]

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{from scratch holidays} Embroidered Jar Lids

This year I have every intention of making Christmas gifts from scratch, or at least putting significant thought and effort into each gift My Dad is a chef and food is one of the things we truly bond over. We value each other’s opinions equally and consult each other constantly, whether it be cooking techniques, […]

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{from scratch holidays} Ice Cream Cone Ornaments

Thanksgiving Day is behind us, and it seems we are in a mad dash towards the December holidays. My neighbors have begun putting up their holiday lights, cars are zipping through town with Christmas trees tied down on top, and Santa is stopping for pictures at every mall.  It would appear that we should begin […]

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Woodstove Fire

{from scratch holidays} Happy Thanksgiving

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”  ― G.K. Chesterton,  (1874-1936) +++ I asked a few FSC Contributors to share their food-related thanks: I’m thankful for finally having an apartment with a bigger kitchen! I’m thankful for all of the great food inspiration floating around […]

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{recipe recap} Thanksgiving Inspiration Pt 3

…and here we are, one day before Thanksgiving 2012. Here is more inspiration for ya, including some leftover recipes!   Alexis’ Kate & Sweet Potato Casserole. Maybe some pestos for the appetizer plate with some homemade crackers? Or maybe a roasted root vegetable tart for a side dish or a main dish? For holiday cocktails, […]

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Cheese Plate 2

{recipe recap} Thanksgiving Inspiration Pt 2

Hello again, we are one day closer to Thanksgiving AND Christine {FSC Managing Editor, Book Club Captain & Podcast Producer} is one day closer to her nuptials on Friday. YIPPEEE! You can go over to her personal blog, Unspeakable Visions or the Facebook Page to wish her well. While you’re at it, read her most […]

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