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A fully developed starter at 100%, ripe and ready to go to work.

{fermentation} Make your own sourdough starter

Editors note: We’ve had a lot of talk about bread baking and sourdough lately, so I reached out to Otis Maxwell of “Burnt My Fingers” to solicit his expertise on making a sourdough starter from scratch.  Having sampled Otis’s bread at many a From Scratch Club Swap, I was very excited when he agreed to […]

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Sourdough Bread

{Bread Baking} Basic Sourdough

  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so one of my comfort foods in life is chewy sourdough bread, preferably still slightly warm from the morning oven. While there is decent, although not perfect, commercial sourdough bread available in Upstate New York now, when I first moved here in the late-80’s there […]

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Slice of Pie

{reflections on food} My Independence Day

Last 4th of July I began my independence from sugar. I went to the parade on Avenue A, the street where I grew up. The parade began with my generation, in the thick of the centennial spirit of the mid-seventies. One year I wore the bridesmaid gown I wore at my uncle’s wedding. The next […]

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{gluten free recipe} Perfect Summer Biscuits

I love biscuits. Love ‘em. In the middle of winter, I whip up a batch and serve them with a hearty meal. Then summer arrives and fruit shows up at the market. And then? Well, I almost run into the kitchen to bake a pan of biscuits. Today let’s talk about how to make easy, […]

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whole wheat crackers

{Grain Brains Challenge} Whole Wheat Crackers

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. Seems like I’m always finding a way to make something that should be simple very complicated. Amy (Halloran) and I have been tossing around cracker ideas and she sent me several that sounded delicious, and super simple. Of […]

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vatrushka11 by Ellie Markovitch

{recipe} Vatrushka, Russian Tea-Time Snack

I asked my husband to write down some of the recipes he misses from his childhood in Estonia. He wrote Vatrushka on our family message board and it was there for over a year. I am on the third version and we are all happy with how it came out.  My starting point was a […]

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garden crackers

{grain brains challenge} Whole Grain Crackers

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. When Alan challenged me to a cracker duel, I thought I would whomp him with the kind of crackers I mostly make – very stiff flatbreads. But he sent me a beautiful recipe for crackers came out more […]

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{pet recipe} Peanut Butter Dog Cookies

I feel bad. I’m forever making goodies for my family, friends, and neighbors… but what about our poor dogs? Should they be resigned to a life of drab kibble, and nothing but? Whenever I make cookies for lunchpails, etc., I also try to set aside some time to make cookies for the dogs. Yes, we call […]

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{candy} Gimme a Break: Homemade Twix Bars

Chocolate. Caramel. Shortbread. Three of the loveliest words in the English language. And bringing them all together is America’s beloved Twix bar. As I was preparing for my annual homemade Christmas gift extravaganza, I stumbled across a recipe for homemade Twix bars, and they have proven themselves to be a fan favorite. They were such […]

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{diy recipe} Roasted Chickpea Flour (and Brownies!)

For my contribution this month, I figured I’d share one of my favorite go-to brownie recipes, and introduce its secret ingredient – roasted chickpea flour. Roasted chickpea flour is orders of magnitude different than plain chickpea flour as it comes from the bag. Roasting the garbanzo flour gives it a nice deep rich nutty flavor, […]

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{gf recipe} Chocolate Chip Cookies, Two Ways

…(Or a how to make perfect chocolate chip cookies)   Chocolate chip cookies are great conversation starters. People are passionate about them. Some folks like ‘em crispy, others chewy, then there’s the whole “with nuts or without” debate. And don’t even get people started on their feelings about raisins in chocolate chip cookies. (I’m firmly […]

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Alan's cranberry rye scones

{grains brains challenge} A Scone of One’s Own

Grain Brains Challenge: A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. I never had a scone until I was in college. First week of school the Dean of Students sent out hand-written invitations to the freshmen class, instructing us, in groups of 25 or so, to attend an afternoon […]

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OMEGA heart

{FSC Time Machine} DIY Valentine Hijinx

 I say that ALL home cooking is a way to someone’s heart but if you want to focus on sweets & treats, here’s a couple recipes to inspire! -Christina Elizabeth’s step by step guide on baking cut-out cookies. +++ If you missed yesterday’s piece by Becky H’s on DIY Chocolate Bars- get to it! +++ Becky […]

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Remy's hello Kitty birthday cake

{baking basics 101} Let Them Eat Birthday Cake

I have a very large and scary birthday coming up in two weeks.  Last fall I pledged to lose twenty pounds to confront it and, while I did manage to lose 8 pounds, I am  painfully aware that I fell short of my goal.  I think I will drown my sorrows in birthday cake. I […]

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{baking basics 101} How to Make Cut-Out Cookies

Is it just me or does a plate piled high with cut-out cookies look both elegant and homespun at the same time? Over the years, however, I’ve had many people tell me that they avoid making cut-out cookies. Due to bad experiences, they only make drop cookies. And while drop cookies are wonderful, it’s nice […]

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