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{Know Your Farmer} tangleroot farm & my kohlrabi salad

We have new farmers this year. They fell into our lap at the last minute and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still getting to know them, but from what I can tell so far we were lucky to find them because their veggies are outstanding. I had hoped to sign up for a CSA this […]

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{know your farmer} Mountain Winds Farm

MEET OUR MAPLE SYRUP FARMER: MOUNTAIN WINDS FARM Farmer: Randy Grippin Location: Berne, NY Produces: Light and Dark Maple Syrup, Maple Cream and Candy, Pastured Eggs and some berries/vegetables. # Acres: 140 55,000 linear SF of pipeline 1291 taps hung with tension wire, on 1291 trees of Sugar and Black Maple In Business: 6 years […]

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{know your farmer} The Berry Patch

Editor’s Post: ‘Community Voices’ Contributor, Emily L of Capital District Dining Blog, is back with a terrific farm tour of The Berry Patch! We get our berries from The Berry Patch for many of our FSC Academy classes, so I’m very excited that Emily got a chance to have a personal tour! -Christina +++++ I […]

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farmer jons and solstice hill 064

{summer farm tour} Meet Our Vegetable Farmer

The idea for these summer farm tours started a long time ago, when my husband and I began baking bread for farmers markets in 2004, meeting farmers and enjoying their fresh wares, while simultaneously learning more about the toxins that are an inarguable by-product of our industrialized food-system. As the years progressed, we asked questions, […]

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MBrook Dairy 008

{summer farm tour} Meet Our Dairy Farmer

 {Meadowbrook Farms Dairy, Clarksville, NY} Christina (FSC’s editor) had it right in Saturday’s post (Meet Your Meat Farmers): “I can’t stress enough how important farm tours are to customer education & enlightenment, customer-to-farmer relations and community ties. To actually see & hear, in detail, up-close, how your food is grown or raised is an empowering […]

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{local event} Meet the Meat Farmers

I can’t stress enough how important farm tours are to customer education & enlightenment, customer-to-farmer relations and community ties. To actually see & hear, in detail, up-close, how your food is grown or raised is an empowering experience. You walk away with a better understanding of the farmer & crew’s grueling-never-ending-job in rain, in snow, […]

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{kickstarter campaign} Building Soil w/ Pedal Power!

Food Cycle is a Kickstarter campaign that is close to my home and near to my heart. Troy Bike Rescue and Collard City Growers are two great projects happening around the corner from where I first lived. I learned to ride a bike in the driveway of my house on Second Avenue. The first self-portrait […]

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Cara, touring with Christina, Miles and Andrew

{Know Your Farmer} Quincy Farm: Easton, NY

On Wednesday, Christina and I had the opportunity to visit a relatively new farm in the Capital District farm scene: Quincy Farm. This farm has a particular significance and sentimentality for me. You see, when the property (formerly Battleview Farm, previously owned for over 200 years by the Wright family) went on the market for sale in […]

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{Behind the Scenes} at a working farm

This is the second summer I’ve had the chance to go out and work at Kilpatrick Family Farm. I usually only go out once a week since it’s about an hour from my house. When I started working there I really didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted to get as much experience as […]

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{Know Your Farmer} Strawberry Fest 2011

The lucky CSA members of Kilpatrick Family Farm were invited to head up to Middle Granville, NY this week for some strawberry picking, farm touring, baby animal petting and picnicking.  The weather was perfect, cute little kids were out in full force and I spent every dime I had on strawberries. It was a good […]

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{know your historical farmer} Hancock Shaker Village

It’s the beginning of June so your local farmer is working day and night to bring you the summer bounty in the coming weeks and months. Its “go time”,  farm tours and on-site special events are {mostly] put on hold during this busy time of year. Around these parts, the spring season has been a […]

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{weekend reading} farmers market edition

Hoping for a good weather day at the markets tomorrow is an understatement. Its been on & off raining here all week. Rain or shine your local veg/fruit, meat, cheese, milk, plants and value-added producers will be out there with their goodies. Have a great weekend everyone! -Christina SATURDAY Albany Central Avenue Farmers Market, Parking […]

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When Food Becomes More Than Just Food

For most of my post-college life I’ve been into eating healthy, whole-foods. Granted, I’m not perfect and fully admit I enjoy things like fries and pizza, but I’ve tried to purchase natural and organic foods as much as possible. Several years ago I remember reading an interview with Alicia Silverstone in a magazine (can’t remember […]

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{know your farmer} Join a CSA?

Here in the Northeast, it’s summer-share CSA {Community Support Agriculture} sign-up time. More specifically in our little corner of the world, the Albany/Saratoga/Schenectady/Troy area is being treated to a CSA Fair sponsored by Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, NOFA-NY. It is being held TODAY at the ATRIUM, the location of the Troy Farmers […]

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{Know Your Farmer} Holiday Specials @ Saratoga Farmer’s Market

Editor’s Note: I will be writing these types of posts throughout the month for different regions of the Capital Region. If you are a local farmer or purveyor, please email me your holiday specials  (free advertising peeps!) at fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com. This listing comes from Mary Pratt, of Elihu Farm, my CSA Egg […]

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