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Bowls of tomatoes, waiting for fruit flies to find them

The Garden’s Last Gasp: Fried Green Tomatoes

We pulled our tomato plants just before the killing frost last week and although we simply threw most of them onto our long-term compost pile, we hesitated over the remains of our heirloom plants. We decided to pick out the rest of those tomatoes, both green and red.  Michael said, “How about fried green tomatoes?” […]

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Rye ready for harvest. 3


Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. I grew rye this year. My son and I planted it in the fall, in a much smaller plot than we’d planted wheat the year before. That year, we had new land that we’d scraped of urban rubble […]

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Market stand and my kiddo hanging out with me.

{my farming journey} The Big Wrap Up

I can hardly believe it, but I only have about a month left of markets. I’ve been selling at the Thursday Ballston Spa Market, and this market was perfect for me for several reasons. For starters, the area I grow on is small. At most it’s about 500 square feet. This means I don’t have […]

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wheat heads

Experimenting with Green Wheat: Freekeh & Gruenkern

While obsessively researching wheat on the web, my husband Michael came across a description of freekeh, or Gruenkern (pronounced groon cairn), that is, green wheat.  It is apparently something of a craze in certain foodie/grainy circles of people and a traditional food in both the Middle East and a few villages near Wurzburg, Germany; go […]

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{Craft} Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers

Happy Summer Everyone! Lauren Brown here with my recent crafty obsession … I’m excited to be back on FSC after a long tax season!!! Hand-stamped, Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers. A mouthful, I know. This year marks our second year of having a home and therefore a home garden. Our garden has evolved from 1 big […]

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The view looking out over the new field.

{my farming journey} Starting Little Sparrow

The following is the very basic tale of how I’m starting my own micro-farm in Ballston Spa. It’s called Little Sparrow Farm, and yes, it’s named after Dolly Parton. Last summer I was telling a friend how I was going to be ordering a lot of garlic. The amount I ordered ended up being over […]

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Gardens @ The Farmers Museum

{FSC Time Machine} Gardening in 2012

For the next handful of weekends, I’ll be jumping on the FSC Time Machine to create recap-posts of the  different topics we covered in 2012. Since Dianna, hit it out of the park this week with her post {Gardening in 2013} Homegrown Dry Beans, I thought I’d kick-off the series with our gardening posts! Get out […]

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home grown turtle beans

{Planning the Garden 2013} Homegrown Dry Beans

While the debate about gun control rages around us, we are quietly getting ready for the zombie apocalypse by planning our garden instead of amassing weapons.  I am not a survivalist, but I do like the idea of being able to eat a nutritionally balanced diet out of our garden in case there is a […]

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{scaling the northeast grain system} Fall Plantings & Rotation

When I first started gardening, I couldn’t imagine planting anything in the fall. Sure, I knew about tulip bulbs, but I thought of putting them in the ground as winter storage, kind of like keeping your sweaters safe from moths in summer. I couldn’t wrap my head around plants that didn’t follow the path of […]

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Standing wheat, ready for harvest

{home wheat production} Crackers From Scratch

We have been wandering in the desert of home wheat production for three years now.  We could see the mountaintop, but were not sure we could get there.  Although it is not that hard to grow wheat, harvesting, threshing and milling all present real technical problems to overcome for home growers. We learned how to scythe, then […]

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a layer of scallions

{community voices} Homemade Veggie Bouillion

Editor’s Note: FSC Community Voices Contributor, Gina M, a local blogger at ModSchooler and a guest contributor at Albany Kid, is back with another doozie of a post: Homemade Veggie Bouillion.  Its getting food preservation serious up in here! Her first post, No-Fuss Slow Cooker Beans is also terrific, perfect for the summertime no-heat kitchen! […]

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{communty sharecropping} A Homemade Wheat Thresher

We have been growing wheat for three or four years in our community sharecropping plots.   Wheat is not hard to grow and not all that hard to harvest although there are some pitfalls.  The hard part is removing the teeny wheat berries from the inedible straw and glumes that surround them, which is called threshing.  […]

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Sugar baby watermelon on newly laid straw.

{garden tour} Because You Can’t Eat Your Lawn

When we bought our house in the summer of 2009 we quickly realized there was no simple spot for our garden. Our larger backyard was simply too shady and the front yard was engulfed by a tree and a 20-30 year old hydrangea bush. That front spot got plenty of sun though, so we knew […]

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buckwheat next to a kale

{gardening} Cover Crops 101

As the community share cropping season gets going, we are planting and scheming and trying to improve the gardens compared to last year.  We already worked out our crop rotations during the winter, so now we are concentrating on weeding, feeding and cover cropping.  Cover crops are incredibly important for soil improvement, fertility and stabilization […]

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my warthog wheat

{Northeast Grains System} wheat in the ‘hood

Now that the wheat we planted really looks like it might become food, I’m beginning to dread its harvest. I feel like the Little Red Hen’s friend, ready to hide until there’s dinner. Even though I’m the one who convinced my family we should plant our new lot – behind our house in the city […]

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