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photo2 gleaned apples

{recipe} Upside-down Maple Apple Tart

Growing up in Brazil, I gleaned with my family for food post harvest, scouring the countryside for fruits and vegetable that might otherwise go to waste. As a cook and an artist, I find the act of gleaning carries into my work: I don’t want to waste anything. So this season it has been the […]

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Grapes trellised on the side of our house

{diy project} Wine Grape Jelly

A few years ago my husband planted four wine grape vines to trellis up around our deck and onto the side of our house.  He bought St. Croix, the most cold-hardy red wine grape he could find.  The vines have been vigorous and have created a beautiful bower of greenery, filled this time of year […]

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{recipe} Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp

I remember the moment that I realized there were raspberry and blackberry bushes in the back yard of my newly bought house a few years ago. Pure joy. I have always loved fruit picking – it’s one of my favorite pastimes. Over the past few years we’ve planted fruit bushes and trees in our third […]

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{gluten free recipe} Perfect Summer Biscuits

I love biscuits. Love ‘em. In the middle of winter, I whip up a batch and serve them with a hearty meal. Then summer arrives and fruit shows up at the market. And then? Well, I almost run into the kitchen to bake a pan of biscuits. Today let’s talk about how to make easy, […]

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bundles from down the road

{recipes} Rhubarb Bonanza

I have never touched fresh rhubarb before this week! I have enjoyed eating it in different ways and seen it for sale at the end of driveways and at farmers markets, but never actually cooked with it! Every year I see it in the spring and think I will try some this year, but never […]

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{giveaway} Put ‘Em Up! Fruit.

Its Earth Day and I get to gush about a book (and host a giveaway) that inspires and educates folks on the ins & outs of putting fruit up, whether that’s in jam-form, syrup-form, frozen-form or or or…the sky is the limit! Growing your own fruit or buying fruit from your local farmers market or […]

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{from scratch holidays} Cranberry Squares

Thanksgiving and its attendant leftovers are my favorite things about that holiday. I’m sure my family isn’t alone in that planning the Thanksgiving meal also means planning for maximum leftover efficiency. We all have our favorites – my son is the stuffing king, my daughter hoards the mashed potatoes and gravy, and my husband loves […]

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fruit leather

{edible gift} Apple Leather

  I have been blessed to find new neighbors who own apple trees this year! Though I am somewhat sheepish to go up to a random person’s house, knock on their door, and ask if they use their apples, I do it anyhow. Both times I’ve done this, the people have responded kindly, and say […]

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{recipe} Blueberry Salsa

BLUEBERRY PICKING SEASON I have a deep love for blueberries and celebrate each year when the first berries have ripened on the bush.  Some people have a hard time resisting chocolate brownies or sweets, and I can commiserate with them.  But, for me, the real struggle is blueberries. Laugh if you must, I understand it […]

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{recipe} Urban U-Pick Sour Cherry Sorbet

I had the amazing opportunity to pick sour cherries last week at Liz’s {FSC contributor} childhood house.  Her parents have a large sour cherry tree, full to the brim with red cherries that are just waiting for eager hands to pluck them down. My kids and I met up with Liz on Thursday, then picked […]

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Strawberry Pucker

{drink it up} Strawberry Pucker

I don’t know about you, but I’m nearly up to my eyeballs in strawberries. And that’s saying a lot, considering strawberries didn’t fare so well here in Upstate New York (with a early heat wave and late frost) and that I’m only processing about half of what I usually process each year. From jam, popsicles, […]

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Cold Storage Basket

{how to} Cold Storage 101

I’ve pretty much wrapped up harvesting crops on Silly Goose Farm. Apples are done, tomatoes are done, and all that’s left to put-up is a couple of cabbages, a few rows of rainbow carrots, and a whole bunch of pears. The pear trees on our farm are over 100 years old and positively drip with fruit. […]

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Here I am! Pressing cider

{DIY Apple Cider} from Tree to Tummy

Our old farm has a fun history. From the reseach I’ve been conducting on the property, here’s what I’ve found: The original farm was started by the Gaige family pre-Revolutionary War (the Gaige family can be traced to our area since the 1730s). The house across the street was built in the early 1800s by […]

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{hello} I’m Becky

Hi, I’m Becky. I am a lover of baking who has recently discovered the wonder of preserving. I love reading cookbooks, and if you came to my house you would see a pile of cooking magazines and books on every end table and flat surface. Seriously. A good day for me involves picking fruit or […]

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{FSC Field Trips} Is U-Pick the new Coffee Talk?

A few weeks ago Christina and I went out to Winney’s Farm to pick blueberries. Liz came to meet us with her adorable kiddos. We only spent an hour there but I was able to get several quarts of blueberries. More recently we took an FSC outing to Fix Brothers Farms to pick peaches. I […]

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