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Grapes trellised on the side of our house

{diy project} Wine Grape Jelly

A few years ago my husband planted four wine grape vines to trellis up around our deck and onto the side of our house.  He bought St. Croix, the most cold-hardy red wine grape he could find.  The vines have been vigorous and have created a beautiful bower of greenery, filled this time of year […]

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Violets in yard

{weekend project} Violet Jelly

    O wind, where have you been, That you blow so sweet? Among the violets Which blossom at your feet – Christina (Georgina) Rossetti This Spring, I discovered that many of the “weeds” that grow in my yard are edible! This is exciting if, like me, you enjoy foraging for food and, come springtime, are […]

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{foraging} June is for Dolmades

We have limited light in our small backyard because of trees to our south and west.  We trellis grapes around six and a half feet above our deck and up onto the wall of our house to maximize our edible gardening space. Grape leaves are among the first produce of the season from our garden, […]

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