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{Farm Aid 2013} Makin’ Bacon Escapades

A few weekends ago a few of us had the immense priviledge of attending FarmAid, right in our own backyard. We got to assist in the Homegrown Skills tent showing people an array of demos sourced from the blog. Initially I didn’t know how many people would want to wander to our tent when so […]

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Market stand and my kiddo hanging out with me.

{my farming journey} The Big Wrap Up

I can hardly believe it, but I only have about a month left of markets. I’ve been selling at the Thursday Ballston Spa Market, and this market was perfect for me for several reasons. For starters, the area I grow on is small. At most it’s about 500 square feet. This means I don’t have […]

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HLM sign

{reflection on food} Improving My Culinary Options

One of the reasons I think people read and write for this blog is because they want to challenge themselves to cook and eat thoughtfully.  I love the challenge of eating well but not the challenge of finding the ingredients to do so.  I moved to this area several years ago and was immediately aware […]

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Cookie Cutters

{reflection on food} Kicking Sugar

It’s hard to make decisions about what to eat these days.  There’s so much information and everyone has advice and opinions.  One thing I feel fairly certain about, when it comes to food, is that sugar is bad for me.  During periods of time when I’m eating sugar regularly, sometimes multiple times a day, I […]

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{reflections on food} Learning to Share my Food

The start of a new year is a great time to take inventory of the year gone by, and make plans for the year to come.  Some make resolutions, some just reflect. I personally gave up resolutions years ago, after a stint of countless, “This year I WILL exercise…. and eat less cake”. Instead, I now […]

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{FSC Podcast} Episode 10: Grassroots

Happy New Year, dear listeners! In this episode, we talk about grassroots movements and small acts of food justice. Here at From Scratch Club, we are really grassroots ourselves. We are keeping it real. As many of our longtime readers and friends know, our founder Christina Davis started the group and community blog first as […]

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{FSC Time Machine} podcasting in 2012

In 2012, we started the FSC Podcast, a dream of mine since FSC began. Christine made it a reality. I handed her a ‘podcasting’ audio kit that I had received for Christmas in 2010 and off she went; researching music, testing-testing-testing the microphones, Garageband’s ins & outs and finding interviewing programs. She was pumped and ready […]

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farmers market peppers2

{fsc podcast} Episode 7: The Farmers Market Scene

It occurred to us that while we’ve discussed all sorts of ways to access fresh, local vegetables and fruit, we’ve been missing a key way that so many people buy their food… farmers markets! So we are bringing you the scoop on farmers markets this episode- how they’re organized and structured, why farmers and producers […]

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Happy Hens

{field trip} My Visit to Polyface Farm

I recently got back from a crazy five-day trip to the D.C. area. In that time, I spread some DIY Bacon love to Maryland where I taught a private lesson on bacon curing, I got to hang out with the wonderful Celia from On Cardamom and Cast Iron, and see the sights from the windows […]

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Squash Blossom

{food policy} Why Do You Grow Clean Food?

There has been a lot of discussion, and media hype, about the Stanford University School of Medicine Meta Analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine on September 4th, on whether organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown food. (Definition Note: A Meta Analysis focuses on contrasting and combining results from different studies, in the hope of identifying patterns […]

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{the northeast grain system} Kneading Conference

The Kneading Conference brought me back to Skowhegan, Maine a couple of weeks ago. I was excited to see the event that fueled the Somerset Grist Mill. I felt like I was going to meet the author of a book I loved. Would I like the writer as much as I liked the book? Or […]

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Leave some fish for the pelicans (OK this was Belize, not Massachusetts)

{food policy} Sustainable Sea Food

A few years ago I went to Rockport, Massachusetts with some women friends for a get-away-from-your-regular-life-for-50-hours-at-the-beach vacationette.  The four of us drove in one car, stayed in a cheapish funky place right on the beach and had a wonderful time.  We went out to restaurants for every single meal, drank cocktails and went for long […]

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{interview} Mark Izeman of the NRDC

A few months back Jillian and I got to participate in a webinar put on by Mark Izeman of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Laurie David, author of The Family Dinner, Great Ways to Connect to Your Kids, One Meal at a Time. The webinar focused a lot on food and the environment and […]

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Pink Lady Slipper

{weekend reading} Pink Lady’s Slipper Edition

{FOOD NEWS & GOOD FOOD BLOG READS} Hunter Angler Gardeners Cook has a pickled carrot recipe that looks lovely! DIY GOODNESS —> Birch Sap for Birch Soda Local Kitchen is kicking butt: Dutch Oven 101, and Rhubarb Persecco Jelly and Preparing for the Preserving Season! Melissa Clark via NYTimes on DIY Mayo: Alioi! LA Weekly […]

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{springtime recipe} Of Radishes & Recaps

We were lucky enough to be invited by our Chef’s Consortium friends to participate in another fabulous event (remember the Michael Pollan event?) and this time, we got the chance to introduce the Capital Region to our DIY antics by serving up our first ever tastings table! No demos, just food. Eekkkkk! Annnnnd SO MUCH […]

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