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A fully developed starter at 100%, ripe and ready to go to work.

{fermentation} Make your own sourdough starter

Editors note: We’ve had a lot of talk about bread baking and sourdough lately, so I reached out to Otis Maxwell of “Burnt My Fingers” to solicit his expertise on making a sourdough starter from scratch.  Having sampled Otis’s bread at many a From Scratch Club Swap, I was very excited when he agreed to […]

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Sourdough Bread

{Bread Baking} Basic Sourdough

  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so one of my comfort foods in life is chewy sourdough bread, preferably still slightly warm from the morning oven. While there is decent, although not perfect, commercial sourdough bread available in Upstate New York now, when I first moved here in the late-80’s there […]

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{diy project} Fermented Hot Sauce – Airlock Method

Last year I experimented with various veggie lacto-fermentation projects, like kimchi and pickles. I also ran a test to see if I could come up with a decent sriracha, and found the results exceeded my expectations. This year, I decided to try out using an air lock, instead of worrying about ziploc baggies filled with […]

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Jelly jars unto the horizon

{FSC Book Club} Put ‘Em Up! FRUIT Final Recap

We read, we cook, we chat. That is the FSC Book Club. What a summer! If you’ve been following along with the FSC Book Club, you’ve been savoring every bit of the summer fruit bounty by freezing, canning or preserving with us using Put ‘Em Up Fruit: A Preserving Guide & Cookbook. Creative Ways to Put […]

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{reflections on food} My Fermentation Life/How to Make Kombucha

During any given week in my life lately I have multiple glass jars in the corner of my kitchen containing various fermentation projects.  I love it.  I love having stuff growing right there in my kitchen.  A little microbial garden.  I also love having a constant flow of home-made foods that are good for me. […]

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{diy project} Milk Kefir

Recently, I came across a fellow food swapper who had milk kefir grains, and was in search of water kefir grains. I had water kefir grains, and was excited to try milk kefir. A happy swap was born! Like water kefir, milk kefir is fermented at room temperature, so it is easier to make than […]

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{diy project} Water Kefir

I’ve been doing some pretty interesting kitchen chemistry experiments as of late. Glass bottles full of mysterious liquids topped with paper towels and rubber bands populate my kitchen counter. Lucky house guests get to try my creations, and most seem to like them. It all began when I got water kefir grains from a friend. […]

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{diy project} On Community & Kimchi

Editor’s Note: Gina of Modschooler & Albany Kid is back with yet another informative post, this time she discusses her love for the FSC Book Club, The Homemade Pantry & Kimchi. Gina’s other pieces include: Slow Cooker Dulce de Leche, Vegetable Bouillon, Slow Cooker Beans, Empire Boardwalk & Downton Abbey- Inspired Drinks, Homemade Grenadine, and Serious […]

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Half Sour ingredients

{garlic scape week} half-sours!

Well, I may be stretching the scape love here because let’s be honest. The star of this show is the kirby cuke fermented in a lovely 3.6% salt/water solution to create a fine replica of your favorite “deli style” (read: crunchy and complex in flavor) pickle. That said, I changed the recipe, which is from […]

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RECAP theme weeks {AND} November Giveaway

We just completed back-to-back weeks of  “theme” focused posts; apples recipes and the theme of indulgence. This was a trial-run. We had thought of the idea at a monthly meeting, put it on the back-burner until recently  and put the concept to the test for two weeks. For this month’s national giveaway, we’ll be asking […]

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Kimchee FAIL!

I am overwhelmed with the thought that I wasted 3/4 of a head of beautiful Chinese cabbage, but alas, I did! I don’t know what went wrong but when I went to transfer the goods after 7 days it has grown mold on the top…Obviously I know what happened, I left it barely covered exposed […]

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{photo diary} kimchee

Soooo I’ve dived in and started making Kimchee. I used 3/4 of the cabbage (the other 1/4 went into fried rice & an Asian-inspired salad.) I used the recipe I posted below. I’m on 1 day of the fermentation bonanza; meaning, I’ve done all the steps and the kimchee has been in its juices for […]

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Chinese Cabbage Post Two: Cabbage Kimchee

Ok, this will be my last post of the evening. I am totally going to do this tomorrow. I only have daikon kimchee in the frig right now, so I’m going to try my hand at the real deal. This seems easy enough. So, my thinking is this: 1/4 of cabbage for korean pancakes, 1/2 […]

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