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A fully developed starter at 100%, ripe and ready to go to work.

{fermentation} Make your own sourdough starter

Editors note: We’ve had a lot of talk about bread baking and sourdough lately, so I reached out to Otis Maxwell of “Burnt My Fingers” to solicit his expertise on making a sourdough starter from scratch.  Having sampled Otis’s bread at many a From Scratch Club Swap, I was very excited when he agreed to […]

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Dehydrated Celery

{making it last} Dehydrating Celery

Editors Note: I’m pleased as punch to welcome our newest Community Voice!  Ida Walker is a freelance editor and author. She’s also behind Ida’s Artisan Kitchen and the blog The Enabling Cook. She loves to make cheese, bread, sausage, bread, beer,  hot sauce, jelly, and jam, among other things. She also dehydrates, ferments, cans, and […]

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Mmmm Red or White?

{drink it up} Autumn Sangria. Apple Spice & Everything Nice

The cool air is here, the leaves are starting to change, apple and spice something is baking all over town and most importantly, it is wine season for me. I love wine and as the nights get chilly nothing warms me like a nice glass of red, while eating warm from the oven apple crisp. […]

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{Craft} Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers

Happy Summer Everyone! Lauren Brown here with my recent crafty obsession … I’m excited to be back on FSC after a long tax season!!! Hand-stamped, Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers. A mouthful, I know. This year marks our second year of having a home and therefore a home garden. Our garden has evolved from 1 big […]

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{diy project} Farmer’s Cheese

Editor’s Note: Please welcome back our newest FSC Contributor, Jennifer Wilkerson, for her follow-up piece. Her first piece, Jennifer’s Sandwich Bread & Rolls, is a must read & do kinda piece! Welcome back Jennifer! -Christina Last weekend my husband and I debated how long it had been since we had been to a big box […]

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{diy recipe} Roasted Chickpea Flour (and Brownies!)

For my contribution this month, I figured I’d share one of my favorite go-to brownie recipes, and introduce its secret ingredient – roasted chickpea flour. Roasted chickpea flour is orders of magnitude different than plain chickpea flour as it comes from the bag. Roasting the garbanzo flour gives it a nice deep rich nutty flavor, […]

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Yum, pizza!

{diy project} High Achieving Slothfulness

We make maple syrup by tapping neighborhood trees every year and boiling the sap down in our driveway on a make-shift cinder block fireplace.  This year our syruping partner Lin suggested that we try using the fire to cook while we sat around all day drinking rum and watching the sap boil; a kind of […]

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{diy project} Homemade Lip Balm

My name is Betsy, and I am a lip balm addict. Like many of you, I have lip balm in multiple purses, in my car, in most rooms of the house, etc. As you might imagine, this habit can get expensive, especially since those little tubes are easy to misplace. Making your own lip balm […]

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four buckets

{FSC Time Machine} Tap Your Own Maple Syrup

Over the course of a few winters, Dianna has compiled a detailed series of posts on tapping maple syrup in your urban & suburban surroundings. The time is now to read up on the techniques, supply list and process so that you can begin tapping in another couple of weeks as spring is right around […]

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Finished Chocolate

{diy project} homemade chocolate bars

AHHH…chocolate. If my best friend was a food this would be it.  So amazingly satisfying on many different levels with so many options in flavors and taste. Milk, dark, bitter, organic, fair trade; the spices and flavorings are endless.  Little does one realize though, chocolate is simple, easy, and quick to make yourself. You just […]

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{FSC Time Machine} Winter Projects in 2012

As I stated in our first post of our “Best of 2012” series, Gardening in 2012, for the next handful of weekends I’ll be jumping on the FSC Time Machine to create recap-posts on the different topics we covered in 2012. Its not the weekend you say? I know I know… I was too excited to wait to […]

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{diy project} On Community & Kimchi

Editor’s Note: Gina of Modschooler & Albany Kid is back with yet another informative post, this time she discusses her love for the FSC Book Club, The Homemade Pantry & Kimchi. Gina’s other pieces include: Slow Cooker Dulce de Leche, Vegetable Bouillon, Slow Cooker Beans, Empire Boardwalk & Downton Abbey- Inspired Drinks, Homemade Grenadine, and Serious […]

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a layer of scallions

{community voices} Homemade Veggie Bouillion

Editor’s Note: FSC Community Voices Contributor, Gina M, a local blogger at ModSchooler and a guest contributor at Albany Kid, is back with another doozie of a post: Homemade Veggie Bouillion.  Its getting food preservation serious up in here! Her first post, No-Fuss Slow Cooker Beans is also terrific, perfect for the summertime no-heat kitchen! […]

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{communty sharecropping} A Homemade Wheat Thresher

We have been growing wheat for three or four years in our community sharecropping plots.   Wheat is not hard to grow and not all that hard to harvest although there are some pitfalls.  The hard part is removing the teeny wheat berries from the inedible straw and glumes that surround them, which is called threshing.  […]

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{a few of our feathered flock}

{backyard-to-kitchen-poultry} Spatchcock Chicken

As you might already know, we raise backyard chickens in order to have fresh eggs and because, quite frankly, I enjoy having chickens in the yard. Its also old news that most of the poultry we consume comes from birds we’ve raised ourselves, including chickens, turkeys and surplus roosters which are quite tasty when made […]

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