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{Eggs} Two Recipes: Three Ingredients

This Spring we were able to make arrangements again for an egg share. Every two weeks we get 2 dozen eggs from Soul Fire Farm. The eggs are priced on a sliding scale $4-6 per dozen.  This experience is the next best thing to having chickens. We have been fostering 3 baby chicks as we […]

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Oink! At West Wind Acres, Charlton, NY

{new year resolution} Going Whole Hog

Have you ever wanted to process your own meats but didn’t know how to even begin? Below is a step by step guide of how my family explored this option for the first time and how it all turned out. (Editor’s Note: Please be aware that this post contains graphic pictures of a slaughtered pig. […]

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{Fresh from the Garden} Summer Rolls with Cucumber Dipping Sauce

For all of my adult life, I’ve been a big fan of Asian rolls. I didn’t grow up in the most food-savvy town and it’s nice to look back and see how my experiences and my taste buds changed as I traveled and moved farther away from home. At first I only knew about egg […]

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{pizza week} My First CSA Pizza

Editor’s Note: Let’s welcome back Erica G as a contributor! Erica & her 3 year old son Dominic are enjoying their first season as a CSA Member. This pizza post was written back in late June during the first weeks of their Denison Farm CSA Share. Erica will continue exploring her first CSA season in […]

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{pizza week} Traditional Focaccia w/ Pesto

Every weekend at our bakery over on Quail St. in Albany, my husband Nick prepares Specialty Focaccia Pizzas with fresh produce & herbs we get from our farmer friends at Farmer Jon’s Produce in Selkirk, NY and cheeses from R&G Cheesemakers in Cohoes or Palatine Cheese in Nelliston (in the Mohawk Valley). Jon and DJ […]

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{use it or lose it} My CSA Share Pizza

I don’t know how everyone else feels about their CSA shares, but I often feel overwhelmed.  When it all comes in, I’m so excited but that excitement quickly turns to panic as I try to determine how I am going to use all of the glorious veggies before they go bad!This is especially challenging as […]

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{recipe link love} CSA Program on the Road

As you read this I will be out & about delivering CSA shares to 19 fabulous families, couples and individuals. As Kilpatrick Family Farm‘s CSA Coordinator, I had the crazy idea to do home-delivery CSA Program in areas where we are not represented by a farmers markets stand; such as the Albany/Troy/Schenectady area. All of […]

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{In Season} Hakurei Turnips

It’s May. Around here, that means it’s time to enjoy warmer spring days, plant the garden and divide perennials, watch baby leaves unfold from the trees, splash in puddles and observe the reawakening of dormant house cats everywhere. For me, May is also a time to enjoy eating hakurei turnips. I first tried hakurei turnips a few years […]

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{Dark Days} Week 18: Visiting the Farmers Market

Editor’s Note: This is the 18th week of a 19-week challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible. For Amanda’s last meal, she explored the Saratoga Farmers Market for some inspiration. – Christina +++++ Saturday morning was a […]

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{Know Your Farmer} an announcement.

Things happen for a reason. After 35 years on the planet, I’m a believer. I lost my job at the end of February due to lack of funding. A “fresh” start…I could duck & weave in a new career direction. The problem is: I have a son with multiple health issues so full-time daycare is […]

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{Dark Days} Week 17: The Squash Challenge

Editor’s Note: This is the 17th week of a 19-week challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible. For Dianna’s last meal, she explains Kilpatrick Family Farm’s CSA process while expressing some rutabagas and squash “angst” and share […]

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{photo diary} Olive Oil CSA

I’ve mentioned my newest Community Supported Agriculture membership venture, olive oil, many times before. Two weeks ago I received a very exciting email from Luisa & Jody Somers, owners of Dancing Ewe Farm, that they had completed harvesting, processing and creating their 2010 season olive oil and my gallon was available for pick-up! O.M.G. The […]

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Seafood back in my life: Part Two

Inspired by my adventure with squid a couple weeks ago, this time back at the farmers market I sought to repeat the adventure but found that the fishmonger, Pura-Vida Fisheries had sold out of squid.  I bought scallops instead, which are more than twice the price of squid, but AMAZING.  I didn’t follow a recipe […]

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The Ever Versatile {Bean Salad}

{thinking of summer} Last weekend I attended a “planning meeting” for the Ragnar Relay Race New York that I’m running with fellow club member, Amanda, and 10 running friends (that’s a team of 12!). The race is a 200 mile running relay event starting in Bethel, where 12-man teams run day and night, relay style, […]

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{photo diary} CSA FAIR, Troy, NY

I had a lot of fun at NOFA-NY‘s first annual CSA Fair with Michael at the Kilpatrick Family Farm table. I answered basic questions from a share holder’s perspective; what is a CSA? How does it really work? Is the produce good? How is the selection? What if I can’t make it to pick up […]

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