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{Farm Aid 2013} Makin’ Bacon Escapades

A few weekends ago a few of us had the immense priviledge of attending FarmAid, right in our own backyard. We got to assist in the Homegrown Skills tent showing people an array of demos sourced from the blog. Initially I didn’t know how many people would want to wander to our tent when so […]

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Home-cured duck breast prosciutto

{fancy food club} We’re Bringing Fancy Back

Awhile back I wrote a piece about our Fancy Food Club. Since the other three couples in our club were Navy families, they have since moved from the area. This just left Chris and I and we certainly weren’t prepared to give up FFC. So, here’s a quick recap of what it is: a group […]

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book club meet-up 2

{FSC Book Club} 2nd Selection Final Recap

It’s safe to say that round two of the FSC Book Club was a success! We had over 120 members join us at our new book club host site, Goodreads, and lots of folks chiming in on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Over the course of a few months, we cooked our way through the wonderful […]

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Elizabeth Barbone giving her 'how to cook for someone gluten free" at our May troy Food Swap. Photo by Tim Raab

{FSC SWAPPERS} A Place for Healing

Food is social. Food connects people, strangers, friends, co-workers and family. Everyone eats. Food Swaps are a vehicle to bring all that is food and community into one place. Sometimes I forget that. To be honest, I’ve been starting to take the our food swaps for granted. We hit the year mark back in April […]

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{foodie adventure} A Local, Foraging Potluck Feast

I have to apologize for my lack of photos of the amazing food that we ate. I was too entranced to think to take pictures of everything. However, if there were more, you’d probably drool on your computer, and then I’d owe you a new computer. Last week my husband, son, and I were invited […]

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NOFA NY WC collage

{NOFA-NY Winter Conference} farming, family style

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the NOFA-NY conference with Erika. From NOFA: “The theme of this year’s conference, The Cooperative Economy, gives us an opportunity to explore the current of cooperation that runs deep in our organization and movement and the hopes that we have for a more sustainable future“. The 3+ day […]

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{FSC SWAPPERS} breads, jams, soups, lip balms… oh my!

Editor’s Note: Swapper Natalie & her friend, Swapper Lindsay, have rocked the Saratoga Food Swap since they began attending a few months back. They are serious regulars now and I’m always delighted to see them (and what they bring to swap) each month! They tend to be very creative with glorious packaging and display wow. […]

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{the new year} Baking for the Neighborhood

2011 was the year of food, for me. Food blogging, food swapping, exploring food preservation methods and diving into the world of acquiring local foods. It was during 2011 that I stumbled upon the FSC food swaps and found a place among kindred spirits. 2011 was also a year of hardship: my mom was diagnosed […]

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