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{edible gift} Butternut Squash Pickles, Two Ways

The holidays are upon us all and I love getting and giving gifts in mason jars. Holidays, birthdays, any days! There are so many fun and unusual things to do with them all year long. It’s not that common to see hard squash pickles, so they make an interesting gift for the hard to please […]

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{diy projects} Quince Jelly & Membrillo

Quince is an interesting fruit – too tart and hard to eat raw, the fruit turns from green to golden yellow fruit when ripe and grows on small thorned trees. Quince is part of the pear, apple, and rose family, and the ripe fruit smell floral and fragrant. I am lucky to have a neighbor […]

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FSC Gift Labels

{free printables} gift & canning labels

Now that the From Scratch Holidays free e-book has launched you into a gift-making frenzy, we wanted to give you another little present to thank you for helping us create this wonderful community of home cooks, gardeners,  homesteaders, policy advocates and all-around food-lovers. Your response to our very first e-book was overwhelming; to thank you, […]

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{gluten free, dairy free} Tomato-Basil Jam and Cornbread Muffins

Recently I found myself with a box of tomatoes {Farmer Jon’s Produce, Selkirk, NY}, a desire to process them, but no real plan of attack.  I flipped through the pages of the “Better Homes & Gardens: Canning”  issue, and landed on their Tomato-Basil Jam recipe. I wondered how, exactly, could: tomato+basil = the sweet awesomeness […]

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{weekend reading} rhubarb recipe edition

Here’s reason #2498 why having a blog is awesome. You experiment with new foods. Case in point; Rhubarb. I have had lots of rhubarb strawberry pie but I have never personally made anything with it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. As of today, I’ve made freezer pureed rhubarb w/ vanilla (for later use with strawberries), Rhubarb, Apple & Ginger […]

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{springtime recipe} Pickled Fiddleheads

Before they are gone for the season, please go to your local farmers market and grab a bag of a truly “wild” and “foraged”  food: premature ostrich fern, also known as Fiddleheads. They are curled-up ferns before they fan out into their fuzzy frond glory. I am lucky to be able to get my fix […]

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{recap} Power to the Boil 2011

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to announce that Dianna has her name in lights {finally} and that I’m not credited with her wonderful posts any longer. Dianna has her final post on the 2011 maple syruping season. If you missed the “How To” or my photo diaries on: tapping and one their three “big boils”, take […]

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Another view of the amazing dinner

{St. Patricks Day} Corned Beef & Cabbage

In full disclosure mode, as usual, I will be totally honest with you. I have never celebrated this holiday. Even though I am a mut, I don’t have a dominance of Irish in my family tree so it was part of my life. I don’t see this changing anytime soon as I married a half-Korean, […]

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{soup swap} Bean ‘n Pasta Soup

QUICK, EASY, HEARTY and TASTY… you have to give it a try this winter.  Did I mention QUICK…isn’t that music to your ears!  It is very easy to adapt and add your families favorites into this soup;  add extra veggies, use your favorite beans, and meat lovers can add sausage or pepperoni. I have been making […]

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{how you do it} NOW is the Time to Plan Your Garden

Editor’s Note: Please enjoy Dianna’s third installment of her monthly {How You Do It} series. Don’t miss this extremely informative post on planning a ‘tomato sauce’ garden through the eyes of the “Community Share Cropping” system Dianna and her husband, Michael, created with their network of friends. Oh, and she shares a terrific tomato sauce […]

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{Dark Days & GIVEAWAY} Week 6

Editor’s Note: This is our fourth installment of a 4 1/2 month challenge, Dark Days, taken up by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as local, sustainable, ethical and organic as possible. I’m talking gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi, my very own quart of canned tomatoes and some sautéed broccoli rabe. […]

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{edible gifts} Escaping Christmas-time Consumerism w/ Apple Chutney

I have tremendously mixed feelings about the gift-giving aspect of Christmas.  Despite my outspoken criticism of the advertisement-driven culture of Christmas, I find myself purchasing gifts for family and friends every year.  Making, rather than buying gifts in the past has made me feel better about myself and the holiday as a whole.  So this […]

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{thanksgiving} Sweet and Tart

I have a strong preference for canned cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and it is my personal tradition to hassle my mother until she agrees to have can at dinner for me.  I know that it’s probably made from gelatin and corn syrup and artificial flavors, but I love how it tastes with turkey.  Anyway, this […]

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RECAP theme weeks {AND} November Giveaway

We just completed back-to-back weeks of  “theme” focused posts; apples recipes and the theme of indulgence. This was a trial-run. We had thought of the idea at a monthly meeting, put it on the back-burner until recently  and put the concept to the test for two weeks. For this month’s national giveaway, we’ll be asking […]

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Adventures in … Apple Butter

A few weeks ago, Chris and I took the boys and went apple picking at Indian Ladder farms.  As a result we got a bushel bag full of apples!  C-man and I have been eating apples for weeks. I made and canned applesauce and more.  We still have apples left.  I hate to waste anything, […]

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