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Aloo Paratha

{Indian Breakfast} Aloo Paratha

    My son went to Dehli for a week last summer and ever since he came back he has been making aloo paratha for breakfast. A stuffed flatbread, it can be made with any kind of filling you want, but spiced mashed potatoes are both delicious and traditional. I would claim that we make […]

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Thanks to Rachel Lodder for the photo.

{Farm Aid 2013} Grains Brains Pancakes

Editor’s Note: I am still over the moon, that Jennifer of Farm Aid’s Homegrown.Org reached out to From Scratch Club many moons ago about co-presenting the Skills Tent at this year’s Farm Aid Concert on September 21, at SPAC in my backyard, Saratoga Springs, NY.  We assisted Jennifer in stocking the Skills Tent class schedule […]

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Apple Oatmeal Served

{recipe} Slow-Cooked Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oatmeal

It’s the time of year for warming breakfasts, and seriously – there’s nothing more comforting than oatmeal! Another comforting thing – at least to me – is knowing that I have something healthy waiting for me in the morning. I’m usually pretty bleary-eyed and forgetful at that time of day and breakfast often gets short […]

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buckwheat in the field

{Brain Grains Challenge} Buckwheat Amy

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. Buckwheat is one of those good for you foods that are hard to use. I tend to buy groats or kasha when I’m on a mission to expand my food horizons and the stuff sits in the cupboard, […]

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photo 1 (2)

{Kitchen Therapy} Mental Consolidation & Quinoa Waffles

I have written a lot about breakfast on this blog.  I’ve realized recently that making breakfast is meaningful to me.  I like eating breakfast foods, but I now recognize that, more importantly, the process of cooking breakfast improves my mental health.  When I feel scattered and disorganized, making breakfast helps me to consolidate and settle […]

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Crepe Workstation

{Grain Brains Challenge} mixed flour crepes

Editor’s Note: We’re starting this week off with a BANG! I’m pleased to announce that Amy is completing her ‘Scaling Up the Northeast Grain System’ series with next month’s FSC Podcast dedicated to the topic. For her next series, Amy is partnering with her close friend and cookbook author Alan Richardson. They have created a challenge for themselves: […]

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{edible gift} Cornmeal Rye Pancake Mix in a Jar

If anyone loved me as much as I love pancakes, they’d give me Twelve Days of Pancakes, starting with the perfect griddle and ending with the funnest flours. Luckily, I already have all I need in that department, but if you want to prove your love via pancakes, here are some hints. The perfect griddle […]

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{weekend recipe} Salad For Breakfast

Make this or something like this! Tomorrow morning or Sunday morning! PRONTO! You see its been hotter than the surface of the sun here for the past two days: 100+ and humid. I know I know, its summer get over it! Well, I got over ‘it’ with this salad. Seriously. The salad came together because […]

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photo (37)

{my breakfast obsession} David Eyre’s Pancake

Drama and simplicity:  two words that most aptly describe this fun-filled pancake.  I started research for this blogpost with the idea of expanding on my previous experiments with popovers.  I continue to find popovers easy and delicious, but wanted to learn to make something even easier to make, bigger and easier to clean up after. […]

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{recipe} Popovers: my latest breakfast obsession

Popovers are my latest food obsession. Since having a baby a couple months ago, we’ve had guests staying with us periodically.  Despite being preoccupied with the baby, I love to cook and have been relieved to have something special for our visitors that doesn’t require excessive amounts of my time.  I have wonderful memories of […]

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{winter projects 2012} Three Berry Pop-Tarts

Editor’s Note: Who wants to learn to make berry-filled hot pockets of goodness? I do! I do! Deanna’s post was first published, in springtime on May 23rd 2011 as Sundays on the Sunporch: Three Berry “Pop-Tarts”. We also get a glimpse of a toddler cooking with a bucket on her head… who doesn’t do that? […]

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{how you do it} Matcha-Lavender Scones

Editor’s Note: {How You Do It} is back! In general, the blog has been in a state of transformation and this recurring series is no different. When we first brought you this series, fellow local moms were writing guest posts about their kitchens, their traditions, their food. Since then we’ve made all guests regular contributors, […]

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{weekend reading} rhubarb recipe edition

Here’s reason #2498 why having a blog is awesome. You experiment with new foods. Case in point; Rhubarb. I have had lots of rhubarb strawberry pie but I have never personally made anything with it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. As of today, I’ve made freezer pureed rhubarb w/ vanilla (for later use with strawberries), Rhubarb, Apple & Ginger […]

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{Dark Days} Week 16: Blissful Blintzes

Editor’s Note: This is the 16th week of a 19-week challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible. Alexis rocked her final meal- way to go! – Christina +++++ Although I have Jewish heritage, I’m not sure I […]

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{St. Patricks Day} boxty on the griddle

Editor’s Note: Welcome FOODPRESS readers!  Our St. Patrick’s Day {theme week} continues with Dianna. I have NEVER heard of Boxy…bring it on Dianna! -Christina Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan, If you can’t bake boxty sure you’ll never get a man. Irish children’s rhyme (can’t you see the little girls jumping rope?) My […]

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