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A fully developed starter at 100%, ripe and ready to go to work.

{fermentation} Make your own sourdough starter

Editors note: We’ve had a lot of talk about bread baking and sourdough lately, so I reached out to Otis Maxwell of “Burnt My Fingers” to solicit his expertise on making a sourdough starter from scratch.  Having sampled Otis’s bread at many a From Scratch Club Swap, I was very excited when he agreed to […]

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Making Pie Dough by hand

{local event} Weekend of Baking

I tend to stalk people who intrigued me. Most of these people are intrigued with flour. Two of my favorite flour people are going to be teaching together soon. If you like flour at all, you will love this. Richard Miscovich and Kate Lebo are teaming up for a weekend of baking at foodwriter Molly […]

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Sourdough Bread

{Bread Baking} Basic Sourdough

  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so one of my comfort foods in life is chewy sourdough bread, preferably still slightly warm from the morning oven. While there is decent, although not perfect, commercial sourdough bread available in Upstate New York now, when I first moved here in the late-80’s there […]

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My Best Pizza for World Bread Day

I made pizza last night, the best food for a herd of kids at a sleepover. Let them roll their own dough and burn off some of that frenzy that comes from being together. Half the dough was leftover in the fridge from Wednesday, which was World Bread Day. The idea behind this day is […]

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Yorkshire pudding, all puffed up

{recipe} Cold Weather Cooking: Yorkshire Pudding

I spent a summer in Europe after I graduated from high school. On my travels, I went to visit a friend in Leeds and her grandmother made Yorkshire pudding for dinner on a particularly cold day in August. I don’t remember what I was expecting, probably dessert, but I was smitten from the first bite. […]

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Misshapen but yummy naan

{bread making} Homemade Naan

We are trying hard to cultivate frugality so we can stop working and do what we want; writing, gardening and traveling.  This is not an easy lift for me.  I have taken to silently chanting “cessation of desire”  every time I step into a store.  Because of our life style goals, that is, life without […]

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{recipe} Jennifer’s Sandwich Bread and Rolls

Editor’s Note: I have the extreme pleasure of welcoming a new contributor to the FSC Family, Jennifer Wilkerson. You might remember her from our podcast episode, {Episode 7} The Farmers Market Scene where we interviewed Jennifer about the unique & inspiring start of the Schenectady Greenmarket. Jennifer came into the FSC fold when she was a swapper […]

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garden crackers

{grain brains challenge} Whole Grain Crackers

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. When Alan challenged me to a cracker duel, I thought I would whomp him with the kind of crackers I mostly make – very stiff flatbreads. But he sent me a beautiful recipe for crackers came out more […]

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more sprouting wheats

{Grain Brains Challenge} Sprouting Grains

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. Early in March, I met a baker who hates flour. Michael Perakovich makes sprouted wheat breads at Columbia County Bread and Granola and his hatred comes from what flour does to people’s bodies. He’s spent two years perfecting […]

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{Grain Brains Challenge} Whole Wheat Biscuits

Grain Brains Challenge: A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. Early on in my expedition with biscuits, I had a hard time critiquing the recipes. I made a few great batches and thought where is the bad biscuit? How can you go wrong with flour and fat? Well […]

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Homemade pita points with homemade hummus

{bread making} Homemade Pita Bread

I am going to a party tonight to which I foolishly volunteered to bring a “snack.”  Since it is my busy season at work and I have spent the last two weekends partying hard, I have not gone to the grocery store in three weeks. So this morning I looked around my kitchen and thought, […]

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{FSC Time Machine} Bread & Breakfast in 2012

Another weekend, another set of “Best of 2012″ posts! If you’re new to this series, for the first handful of weekends in 2013,  I’m jumping on the FSC Time Machine to create recap-posts on the different topics we covered in 2012.  So far we’ve recapped: Gardening Winter Projects Podcasting Sweets & Treats, Part 1, Food Allergy Friendly Sweets […]

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in the pan

{the breadbox diaries} English Muffins

In an effort to make more of our everyday staples from scratch, I’ve been thinking about what I buy on a weekly basis at the grocery store. I went through the basic food groups and tried to identify a few things we seem to always have on the list that I might be able to […]

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{diy confessions} Baking Bread

Editor’s Note: I have the unbelievably cool job today of introducing a very special guest contributor, Greg Dahlmann, the Co-Founder & Co-Editor of the Capital Region’s best news website/blog All Over Albany (AoA for short). Greg and his partner-in-crime, Mary, have created a one-stop resource for all things- Capital Region. During a recent business coffee […]

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{recipe} Popovers: my latest breakfast obsession

Popovers are my latest food obsession. Since having a baby a couple months ago, we’ve had guests staying with us periodically.  Despite being preoccupied with the baby, I love to cook and have been relieved to have something special for our visitors that doesn’t require excessive amounts of my time.  I have wonderful memories of […]

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