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How the hives looked when I got out there. Each had 3 medium hive bodies over the winter.

{the honeybee saga} Returning to the Hives

This week I could finally go out and check on my bees since I buttoned them up in the fall. I went out with some jugs of sugar syrup and the feeder boxes. Some people feed their bees all winter, but where my two hives are located I couldn’t really get to them all winter. […]

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All bottled up!

{the honeybee saga} Of Honey & Hope

As I write this I’m certain one of my hives has hive beetles and there’s a hurricane that might hit us early this week (Editor’s Update: 10/30/12 Hurricane Sandy did not hit us as expected in Upstate New York, but others in CT, NJ, PA, and of course NYC & the 5 boroughs where not so […]

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{the honeybee saga} The Bees Arrive!

So the next step of my bee saga begins…Actually working with bees. Mid- April I got an email from my source that my bees would need to be picked up on May 5. When I read the email I was immediately perplexed and a bit panicky because for some reason my planner said “late May: […]

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{a bunch of my bee equipment that is currently in my basement}

{the honeybee saga} Let Me Start at the Beginning…

Today I went out to the farm where I will be keeping my bees this year. I went out there to get milk but happened to see the owner working outside so we chatted for a bit. We discussed how as soon as the weather looks like it’s going to stay nice, I’m bringing my […]

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{4 saturdays, 4 giveaways} The Feedback Giveaway

UPDATE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2012: THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winner of their choice of Keeping Bees or Keeping Chickens or Home Dairy or Canning & {reserving by Ashley English is: LUCKY #3: KIMMER: “Took the poll, recipes, local food and vendor information, all make me read the blog, the local look at food, gardens, […]

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Squash Blossom

Hello to my New Digs {and saying goodbye to the old ones}

:: My girls on a fall day, loving our backyard :: It’s here. Moving Day. As you read this, I’m watching four super-strong men load all of my worldly possessions into a moving truck. I’m selling my house today, and tomorrow I’m buying a different one. My new house isn’t too far away – two towns […]

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{the new year} New Beginnings are Lovely

I’ve moved a lot in my life and although it can be scary and stressful it also means a fresh start. That’s how I feel at the beginning of each new year. There are always a lot of unknowns but the simple fact of it being fresh and new makes it seem like there’s a […]

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