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{meet the meat} Grass Fed Ground Beef

You wouldn’t think that ground beef would need it’s own blog post, would you?  Well, it does. Ground beef from feedlots (ie. the stuff you generally get in the conventional grocery store) is relatively forgiving.   You can cook the heck out of it and it still tastes the same.  Many a frying pan of taco […]

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Baby Back Ribs

{meet the meat} Baby Back Ribs

Ribs. Dang, I love ribs. Beef Short ribs, St. Louis Style Ribs, Baby Back ribs…  There is just something about gnawing on a bone that brings out the Fred Flintstone in me. The baby back ribs are the cut that are the closest to the loin which sits on top of the spine of the […]

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{meet the meat} Pork Shoulder

I’m not shy about my love of meat.   Some poor misguided soul recently confused me with someone who does “Meatless Mondays” on a regular basis. Um… no. Don’t get me wrong.  I do enjoy a nice veggie meal once in a while (I’m looking at you, mujaddara), but more often than not, what I look […]

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{pet recipe} Peanut Butter Dog Cookies

I feel bad. I’m forever making goodies for my family, friends, and neighbors… but what about our poor dogs? Should they be resigned to a life of drab kibble, and nothing but? Whenever I make cookies for lunchpails, etc., I also try to set aside some time to make cookies for the dogs. Yes, we call […]

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{FSC TIME MACHINE} Backyard Chickens Part 2

We’re spending this weekend talking chicken… …backyard chickens! Yesterday we had part one of the two-part series, with links to incubating & candling chick eggs, hatching chicks, sexing chicks and general ‘how to’ get started. Today, Liz shares her experience, tips & tricks all about the after-chick stage… Liz talks chicken coops   Why bother […]

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{a few of our feathered flock}

{FSC Time Machine} Backyard Chickens Part 1

Its ‘spring’ (although I have a foot of snow on my lawn) and its time to start thinking about finally making that jump into Backyard Chicken Land! Whether you hatch them yourself or buy from a local farmer you trust, we have insights from two contributors that have lots of experience: Liz and Jillian. We […]

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How the hives looked when I got out there. Each had 3 medium hive bodies over the winter.

{the honeybee saga} Returning to the Hives

This week I could finally go out and check on my bees since I buttoned them up in the fall. I went out with some jugs of sugar syrup and the feeder boxes. Some people feed their bees all winter, but where my two hives are located I couldn’t really get to them all winter. […]

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All bottled up!

{the honeybee saga} Of Honey & Hope

As I write this I’m certain one of my hives has hive beetles and there’s a hurricane that might hit us early this week (Editor’s Update: 10/30/12 Hurricane Sandy did not hit us as expected in Upstate New York, but others in CT, NJ, PA, and of course NYC & the 5 boroughs where not so […]

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farmer jons and solstice hill 064

{summer farm tour} Meet Our Vegetable Farmer

The idea for these summer farm tours started a long time ago, when my husband and I began baking bread for farmers markets in 2004, meeting farmers and enjoying their fresh wares, while simultaneously learning more about the toxins that are an inarguable by-product of our industrialized food-system. As the years progressed, we asked questions, […]

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{know your farmer} Barry’s Endgame

Editor’s Note: Welcome Josh & Stefanie Rockwood of West Wind Acres, a meat farm in Charlton, NY, as Community Voice Guest Contributors. They will bring us insight into the world of being sustainable and humane meat farmers using a full-fledged rotational grazing system with all their animals. If you haven’t listened to our latest podcast, […]

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{a few of our feathered flock}

{backyard-to-kitchen-poultry} Spatchcock Chicken

As you might already know, we raise backyard chickens in order to have fresh eggs and because, quite frankly, I enjoy having chickens in the yard. Its also old news that most of the poultry we consume comes from birds we’ve raised ourselves, including chickens, turkeys and surplus roosters which are quite tasty when made […]

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{FSC PODCAST} Episode 5: Raising Animals (for food)

Raising animals for food. It’s a tricky subject, but we are tackling it with gusto in this month’s podcast. We’ve talked about growing vegetables, joining CSAs to pay someone else to grow vegetables and we’ve even talked a little bit about backyard chickens. Now we are bringing you an extended interview with a local meat […]

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MBrook Dairy 008

{summer farm tour} Meet Our Dairy Farmer

 {Meadowbrook Farms Dairy, Clarksville, NY} Christina (FSC’s editor) had it right in Saturday’s post (Meet Your Meat Farmers): “I can’t stress enough how important farm tours are to customer education & enlightenment, customer-to-farmer relations and community ties. To actually see & hear, in detail, up-close, how your food is grown or raised is an empowering […]

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{local event} Meet the Meat Farmers

I can’t stress enough how important farm tours are to customer education & enlightenment, customer-to-farmer relations and community ties. To actually see & hear, in detail, up-close, how your food is grown or raised is an empowering experience. You walk away with a better understanding of the farmer & crew’s grueling-never-ending-job in rain, in snow, […]

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{Backyard Chickens} yes, you can sex day-old chicks!

If you’ve raised baby chicks or you see some in your future, one of the questions you’ll ask is, “How can you tell the males from the females?” It is commonly thought that you have to wait until they grow bigger and the roosters start acting like they own the place (to put it nicely) to definitively […]

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