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Mmmm Red or White?

{drink it up} Autumn Sangria. Apple Spice & Everything Nice

The cool air is here, the leaves are starting to change, apple and spice something is baking all over town and most importantly, it is wine season for me. I love wine and as the nights get chilly nothing warms me like a nice glass of red, while eating warm from the oven apple crisp. […]

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Getting Pickled

{diy project} Pickled Red Onions

Often times my favorite part of a meal are the condiments. Condiments take everything to the next level whether it is your favorite barbeque sauce, mustard, hot sauce, pickle or even ketchup. I often find food to simply be the vessel that delivers the delicious flavors of all the extras. One of my go to […]

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bundles from down the road

{recipes} Rhubarb Bonanza

I have never touched fresh rhubarb before this week! I have enjoyed eating it in different ways and seen it for sale at the end of driveways and at farmers markets, but never actually cooked with it! Every year I see it in the spring and think I will try some this year, but never […]

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Sangria infusing

{drink it up} Spring = Tequila

It has really happened, Spring is finally here after a loooong winter. This time every year I fall into a cooking funk caused by lack of inspiration, lack of fresh produce and a deep yearning for sun filled days and warm nights on the patio. What could cure this funk…Tequila, of course! Tequila is often […]

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{recipe} Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip

Yes you read that title right- Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip. I feel like you need to understand my inspiration for this recipe before I go on… So a few years back during one of my many health kick phases, a.k.a. damn my ass got big I need to do something about it, I […]

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{recipe} Hearty Lentil Soup

I love lentil soup, my parents and grandparents love lentil soup, my kids love lentil soup, my husband does not love lentil soup, but he eats it anyway. I think of lentil soup as comfort food, warm, filling, a little spicy, topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese served with a warm buttered roll and a […]

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{a few of our feathered flock}

{kitchen basics 101} For the Love of Chicken Stock

“Good soup is one of the prime ingredients of good living.  For soup can do more to lift the spirits and stimulate the appetite than any other one dish.” – 
Louis P. De Gouy, ‘The Soup Book’ (1949) From scratch chicken stock is so easy. It does takes some time to cook, but prep is simple […]

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{edible gift} D.I.Y. Cocktail Party In a Box

Can you believe it we are in the heat of the holiday season, the past year has gone so quickly for our family, as I’m sure it has for most of you.  My kitchen is relaxing after an amazing Thanksgiving food bonanza and I am preparing for some major homemade gifting this year. Between family, […]

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{from scratch holidays} Bourbon Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes

The leaves are on the ground, pumpkins on every doorstep and the crazy holiday season is creeping up on us. I love this time of year and I tend to cook more intensely during this season. The crisp freshness of summer foods usually cooks quickly and effortlessly. This time of year food slows down and […]

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{food swap recipe} Drunken Martini Olives

Editor’s Note: FSC Swapper, FSC Academy teacher Leah A is back with another food swap recipe from her stockpile of awesomeness. She’s shared Magic Shell, Cucumber-Infused Sake, Spiced Nuts, and her case for contracting Swap Fever. Now: DIY Martini Olives! I swapped for these suckers, and I can say, without hesitation that they are one […]

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{drink week} Cucumber-Infused Sake

Editor’s Note: Swapper and FSC Academy teacher, Leah, has given us Swap Fever w/ her swap loot recipes of Spiced Nuts, Magic Shell and now for our {drink week}, she gives us Cucumber-Infused Sake. I can tell you from personal experience that the June swap was alive with cucumber sake. Everyone wanted it. So much […]

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Magic Shell

{diy treat} Homemade Magic Shell, Demystified

Editor’s Note: Our ‘community voices’ series rolls along with swapper, and now FSC Academy teacher, Leah A. who is back with another hot swap item, Homemade Magic Shell. Food Allergy friendly w/ only three pantry staples- you bet I’m making this asap!-Christina We eat a relatively healthy, no fast food, freshly-made, organic-when-possible diet and have […]

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{food swap recipe} Oh Nuts!

Editor’s Note: One of our favorite FSC Swappers, Leah A,  is back with another great piece. This time, she is tackling a popular swap item and/or edible gift: candied nuts. In addition to becoming a permanent ‘community voices’ contributor, Leah has also joined our FSC Academy teacher roster, teaching “Cooking with Kids” (at All Good […]

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Albany Swap 10/16/11

{FSC Swappers} Swap Fever

Editor’s Note: Last month’s swap recap by Swapper Jess started an exciting trend. Food Swap recaps by the swappers themselves! What a hit! Homerun! Goal! Score! This month is no exception with Swapper Leah’s take on food swaps. She is a long-time Albany Swapper who is gonna walk you through her progression of “Swap Fever” […]

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