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{Eggs} Two Recipes: Three Ingredients

This Spring we were able to make arrangements again for an egg share. Every two weeks we get 2 dozen eggs from Soul Fire Farm. The eggs are priced on a sliding scale $4-6 per dozen.  This experience is the next best thing to having chickens. We have been fostering 3 baby chicks as we […]

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photo2 gleaned apples

{recipe} Upside-down Maple Apple Tart

Growing up in Brazil, I gleaned with my family for food post harvest, scouring the countryside for fruits and vegetable that might otherwise go to waste. As a cook and an artist, I find the act of gleaning carries into my work: I don’t want to waste anything. So this season it has been the […]

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Curau8 by Ellie Markovitch

{recipe} Curau de Milho

Corn was and is a major stable on our table. I have many family recipes that call for fresh to dried corn. I make them often, but there is one that neither my husband or kids care for very much, but I still take the time to make for myself every year when fresh sweet […]

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bean mushroom burger2 by Ellie Markocitch

{recipe} Black Bean Mushroom Burger

We are very thankful for the rain and the first fruits from our garden: mushrooms and chard. With a pot of freshly cooked black beans, I am ready to make some burgers. You could use other kinds of beans or replace oats with breadcrumbs, but this held together and will be great for the grill. RECIPE: Black Bean […]

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vatrushka11 by Ellie Markovitch

{recipe} Vatrushka, Russian Tea-Time Snack

I asked my husband to write down some of the recipes he misses from his childhood in Estonia. He wrote Vatrushka on our family message board and it was there for over a year. I am on the third version and we are all happy with how it came out.  My starting point was a […]

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bean beet and sorrel salad1photo by Ellie Markovitch

{spring recipe} Beans, Beets & Sorrel Salad

Editor’s Note: Ellie Markovitch of is back with another seasonal recipe, this time with sorrel. -Christina The weather here is still fighting between late winter and springtime, but last week, I got a taste of Spring from Rebekah Rice’s 9Mile farm green house — a bunch of “azedinha” as we call them in Brazil. You may know it […]

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10emaple butter photo by Ellie Markovitch

{diy project} Homemade Maple Cream

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest contributor, Ellie Markovitch, an artist, educator for the Agricultural Stewardship Association (among other organizations) , multimedia storyteller, member of Chefs Consortium. -Christina It is Maple season in New York and a few weekends ago I joined the Agricultural Stewardship Association tour of Peggy and Matt Cannon’s Maple and Milk farm. I captured […]

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