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{fermentation} Kombucha Confessions

    I don’t like kombucha. There, I said it, and it feels good to get it off my chest. You see, I’ve been dabbling in fermentation for quite some time. I have brought milk and water kefir grains to food swaps and discussed probiotics with the best of them. I think a glass of water […]

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{diy project} Mint Extract & Thin Mints

The first time I used fresh mint from the garden to make mint chocolate chip ice cream, it didn’t taste right. I was so used to store-bought peppermint ice cream that fresh mint tasted strange. However, over the past couple of years I’ve come to love that fresh mint taste. I’ve used mint from our […]

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{recipe} Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp

I remember the moment that I realized there were raspberry and blackberry bushes in the back yard of my newly bought house a few years ago. Pure joy. I have always loved fruit picking – it’s one of my favorite pastimes. Over the past few years we’ve planted fruit bushes and trees in our third […]

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{diy project} Homemade Lip Balm

My name is Betsy, and I am a lip balm addict. Like many of you, I have lip balm in multiple purses, in my car, in most rooms of the house, etc. As you might imagine, this habit can get expensive, especially since those little tubes are easy to misplace. Making your own lip balm […]

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{diy project} Milk Kefir

Recently, I came across a fellow food swapper who had milk kefir grains, and was in search of water kefir grains. I had water kefir grains, and was excited to try milk kefir. A happy swap was born! Like water kefir, milk kefir is fermented at room temperature, so it is easier to make than […]

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{diy project} Water Kefir

I’ve been doing some pretty interesting kitchen chemistry experiments as of late. Glass bottles full of mysterious liquids topped with paper towels and rubber bands populate my kitchen counter. Lucky house guests get to try my creations, and most seem to like them. It all began when I got water kefir grains from a friend. […]

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{edible gift} Candied Grapefruit Peels

A few months ago, I bought a satchel of organic grapefruits. When I tried one a day or two later, I realized they were unbearably sour (serves me right for buying them out of season). They sat on my shelf for a couple of weeks, until I finally decided it was time to stage an […]

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fruit leather

{edible gift} Apple Leather

  I have been blessed to find new neighbors who own apple trees this year! Though I am somewhat sheepish to go up to a random person’s house, knock on their door, and ask if they use their apples, I do it anyhow. Both times I’ve done this, the people have responded kindly, and say […]

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{diy projects} Quince Jelly & Membrillo

Quince is an interesting fruit – too tart and hard to eat raw, the fruit turns from green to golden yellow fruit when ripe and grows on small thorned trees. Quince is part of the pear, apple, and rose family, and the ripe fruit smell floral and fragrant. I am lucky to have a neighbor […]

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Violets in yard

{weekend project} Violet Jelly

    O wind, where have you been, That you blow so sweet? Among the violets Which blossom at your feet – Christina (Georgina) Rossetti This Spring, I discovered that many of the “weeds” that grow in my yard are edible! This is exciting if, like me, you enjoy foraging for food and, come springtime, are […]

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