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Another side of the bagging room.

{scaling up the northeast grain system} Wild Hive

Editor’s Note: Our monthly local-grain-love-fest with Amy Halloran is back with the 8th installment in her Scaling Up The Northeast Grain System series. You can read her previous seven pieces here. In this installment, Amy comes full circle and visits the mill & bakery where her gain-love began. -Christina +++++ I went to Wild Hive […]


{scaling up the northeast grain system} The Harvest

If it weren’t for my friend Howard, my wheat would still be in the field. When I got home from vacation last Saturday, I found a message that the wheat was ready. Howard had toured my plot, and found the grain passed the crack test. When the wheat is ready, the seed should feel hard, […]


{Scaling Up the Northeast Grains System} Maine Grains

Editor’s Note:  Our first ‘Community Voices’ contributor Amy Halloran is back with her 2nd installment of ‘Scaling Up the Northeast Grains System’, her investigation into local grain production past and present. This month she brings us her exciting trip to Skowhegan, Maine. You can read Amy’s first post here. -Christina +++++ I went to Maine […]


{community voices} Scaling Up the Northeast Grains System

Editor’s Note: I am so happy to announce we are starting a new contributor-stream on FSC; Community Voices. These contributors will be monthly and are the voices in our local food community; whether it be a local chef, writer or swapper. First up, writer, teacher, wife, mother, urban homesteader Amy Halloran. I first met Amy […]

Thanks to Rachel Lodder for the photo.

{Farm Aid 2013} Grains Brains Pancakes

Editor’s Note: I am still over the moon, that Jennifer of Farm Aid’s Homegrown.Org reached out to From Scratch Club many moons ago about co-presenting the Skills Tent at this year’s Farm Aid Concert on September 21, at SPAC in my backyard, Saratoga Springs, NY.  We assisted Jennifer in stocking the Skills Tent class schedule […]

garden crackers

{grain brains challenge} Whole Grain Crackers

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. When Alan challenged me to a cracker duel, I thought I would whomp him with the kind of crackers I mostly make – very stiff flatbreads. But he sent me a beautiful recipe for crackers came out more […]

more sprouting wheats

{Grain Brains Challenge} Sprouting Grains

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. Early in March, I met a baker who hates flour. Michael Perakovich makes sprouted wheat breads at Columbia County Bread and Granola and his hatred comes from what flour does to people’s bodies. He’s spent two years perfecting […]

The Wheat is Ready

{FSC Podcast} Episode 11: Northeast Grains

FSC Contributor Amy Halloran takes on an a podcast journey to explore the Northeast grain system. Amy’s series on scaling up the northeast grain system provides a wealth of information and serves as an incredible introduction to the world of local grains, and in this episode we continue that conversation. Grains are often left out of the locavore […]

Crepe Workstation

{Grain Brains Challenge} mixed flour crepes

Editor’s Note: We’re starting this week off with a BANG! I’m pleased to announce that Amy is completing her ‘Scaling Up the Northeast Grain System’ series with next month’s FSC Podcast dedicated to the topic. For her next series, Amy is partnering with her close friend and cookbook author Alan Richardson. They have created a challenge for themselves: […]


{scaling the northeast grain system} Fall Plantings & Rotation

When I first started gardening, I couldn’t imagine planting anything in the fall. Sure, I knew about tulip bulbs, but I thought of putting them in the ground as winter storage, kind of like keeping your sweaters safe from moths in summer. I couldn’t wrap my head around plants that didn’t follow the path of […]


{the northeast grain system} Kneading Conference

The Kneading Conference brought me back to Skowhegan, Maine a couple of weeks ago. I was excited to see the event that fueled the Somerset Grist Mill. I felt like I was going to meet the author of a book I loved. Would I like the writer as much as I liked the book? Or […]

my warthog wheat

{Northeast Grains System} wheat in the ‘hood

Now that the wheat we planted really looks like it might become food, I’m beginning to dread its harvest. I feel like the Little Red Hen’s friend, ready to hide until there’s dinner. Even though I’m the one who convinced my family we should plant our new lot – behind our house in the city […]


{Northeast Grains System} Vermont Grain Growers Conference

The 8th Annual Vermont Grain Growers Conference was held in Essex, Vermont on March 15th. I traveled north with my friend Howard, who’s been planting grains for years – rye, oats and barley, and last year, wheat – all for home use. About half the 130 people at the conference were also some version of […]

The Somerset Grist Mill Kickstarter

{Northeast Grains System} a kickstarter campaign

The Somerset Grist Mill has a week left in its Kickstarter campaign , Flour with the flavor of home, so I have to tell you again how much I love this project.  Visiting Skowhegan, home to New Balance shoes and under 9,000 people, I felt like I was stepping onto a movie set. A slightly […]

in the pan

{the breadbox diaries} English Muffins

In an effort to make more of our everyday staples from scratch, I’ve been thinking about what I buy on a weekly basis at the grocery store. I went through the basic food groups and tried to identify a few things we seem to always have on the list that I might be able to […]