{home & body craft} Crocheted Face Cloths

I have have a very quick, easy, and satisfying crafting project for you all. Those of you that wash your face each and every night know that a washcloth is just wayyyyyy too big and unnecessary for a nightly face washing. For this months project, you will crochet small, reusable face washcloths.


This project truly is a gateway crocheting project. For those of you that haven’t crocheted yet, it is SO EASY. There are only a few basic stitches to learn and a quick Google search can have you fluent in no time.

You will only need a few materials/tools to get started on this project:


CRAFT: Crocheted Face Cloths

NOTE: See the attached pdf document, No. 107 Crocheted Face Cloths Instructions, for the full instructions!

1) Make a slip knot around the crochet hook



2) Create the first round of 3 rounds of the granny square washcloth using a combination of slip stitches, single crochets, double crochet stitches:




3) Create the second of 3 rounds of the granny square using slip stitches, single crochets, and double crochet stitches:



4) Create the third of 3 rounds of the granny square washcloth using slip stitches, single crochets, and double crochet stitches, and following the same general pattern as the first and second rows:



6) After you’ve slipped the  last stitch into your beginning double crochet, you should be sure to leave a 3-5 inch tail before you cut your threads so that you can then weave that tail into the WRONG side of your washcloth.

7) OK, now make a bunch of these babies! I think that one skein of yarn would yield like 20 of them. I used about 1/3 skein and made the 7 you see here, so that is my best guess.

Aren’t these little washcloths the best? If you want them a little bigger you could always add an extra round, following the same pattern as round 3 where you have 3 double crochets in each side space and 6 in each corner separated by a chain 1.


HOLLER! – Lauren, Your FSC Crafty Lady

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Author:Lauren B

Lauren is twenty-something, newly married Certified Public Account with a serious passion for making things. She loves learning new recipes and techniques, crafting quilts and other handmade goods, and the challenge of keeping and decorating her new house on a budget. With crafting in her soul, she started the blog Craft My Life Away in 2010 and has successfully completed a number of projects from her bucket list, including several heirloom quilts and wickedly addictive salted caramels.

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