{FSC Podcast} Episode 11: Northeast Grains

FSCPodcast Epi 11 Final

FSC Contributor Amy Halloran takes on an a podcast journey to explore the Northeast grain system. Amy’s series on scaling up the northeast grain system provides a wealth of information and serves as an incredible introduction to the world of local grains, and in this episode we continue that conversation. Grains are often left out of the locavore puzzle, aren’t they? We all try to seek out locally-grown vegetables and fruits, perhaps dairy and meat as well, but grains and their by-products sometimes slip off the radar. In fact, it wasn’t until I read the book “The 100 Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating”  by Vancouver couple Alisa Smith and JB Mackinnon a few years back that it even occurred to me to think about where grains come from.

Not anymore! Take a listen and learn more about the resurgence of grain growing here in the Northeast.

The Wheat is Ready

The Wheat is Ready

Thanks to our special guests:

  • Glenda Neff, who consults on a variety of food and farming projects, and worked on NY Farm to Bakery, a project that paired upstate millers with NYC bakers.
  • Elizabeth Dyck is an agronomist and founder of OGRIN, the Organic Growers Research and Information Sharing Network.
  • Thor Oechsner is an organic grain farmer and runs Oechsner Farms in Newfield, New York. He is part owner of Farmer Ground Flour, and Wide Awake Bakery.
  • June Russell is farm inspector for Greenmarket, which runs farmers markets in NYC. She’s also behind the Greenmarket Regional Grain Project.
  • A special thank to NOFA-NY and continued her exploration of the grain system by talking to the people who are actively involved in it. Oh, and those cookies that Amy mentions as her gateway introduction to whole grains? Above is a picture of Don Lewis of Wild Hive Farm during a NOFA-NY Field Trip Day.  Amy wrote about those gateway cookies, and the Wild Hive Field Day in her Scaling Up Series here.
book club whole grains

If you’d like to start cooking more with whole grains, join the FSC Book Club as we cook and chat our way through the book Whole Grains for a New Generation by Liana Krisoff.

Sheaves of wheat on the front porch

It sounds like the Northeast grain system has a bright future ahead. The growing consciousness of consumers and their demand for local grains will continue to help drive innovation in grain agriculture and prove that there is indeed a market for small-scale, local grains and value-added products such as flour and baked goods.

The podcast receives sponsorship support from the  Agricultural Stewardship Association, Schenectady Greenmarket, Honest Weight Food Coop, West Wind Acres, Kilpatrick Family Farm.

Listen Now —> Episode 11: Northeast Grains

Thanks for listening!

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From nine-to-five, Christine works in the non-profit world of affordable housing and community development. After hours, you can find her cooking up a storm in her teeny tiny kitchen, curled up on the couch with a stack of good books, or hosting wild one-person dance parties. Christine lives in downtown Albany and likes to imagine a life filled with freshly baked bread, tea parties and 1970s kitchenware.

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4 Comments on “{FSC Podcast} Episode 11: Northeast Grains”

  1. February 21, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    This is awesome and so on-par with our conversation over at the FSC Book Club! Thanks!

    • February 27, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

      Glad you like it Meg — it is so great to see such energy going into these projects.


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