What’s New In Your Kitchen – Bento Box Edition

I don’t know about the rest of you but I really struggle with packing my 2-going-on-14 year old’s lunch box.  He likes to eat lots of little thing.  I like this about him actually.  It gives me the opportunity to present him with several different food items to try.  If he doesn’t like one thing, then he’s got something else he can try.  The trouble that this presents is that I have to send lots of little containers for his lunch or put food in a larger container and risk cross contamination ….. oh the horror.  I know for lots of children and adults alive, certain foods cannot touch or they are both tainted and neither one remains edible.  I feel this way about my eggs at breakfast.  If we’re eating eggs and pancakes, you had better believe that there is a great divide on my plate ensuring that all parties remain in their neutral territory.  I cannot stand it if my eggs become tainted with syrup.  Gross!  I digress…

I face this issue every day in packing and sending Collin’s lunch.  We’ve had several incidents where we do not make it to daycare without the yogurt spilling over on to the sandwich or something of the sort.  And yes, then lunch is ruined.  Enter the new fad….. Bento Boxes.  I’ve seen bento boxes of all shapes and sizes and I have to say that they all look like they rock.  I was reading something from another blog about kids lunches (can’t find it now) when I first saw a picture of the bento boxes in use to solve the kid lunch crisis.   It was magnificent.  I immediately googled Annabel Karmel lunch box and was in love love love.  They are pretty cheap so I knew that it was worth a shot to minimize my painful lunch packing woes!

There are more classic bento box styles available on the market, but I chose to go with something a little more toddler friendly.  I haven’t had them long, but I really think that are going to solve several of our lunch packing issues.  This particular set can be used as one layer or two.  There are 4 smaller compartments and one large one to mix and match to your liking.  It also comes with a small compartment on the top in which there is a toddler sized fork and spoon hidden.  Mommy love!

Here’s some pics of the first meal that we packed in it.

Do any of you use bento boxes?  Or do you have another easy fix for packing lots of options for picky eaters?  Seriously feedback here would be much appreciated as at 2.5 years I am still pretty new at this Mommy stuff.  Right now I’m in love with these new bento box style containers.  Hopefully they make our life a little easier in both packing and eating lunch.

I did not receive anything from Annabel Karmel or Amazon.com for this positive review.

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2 Comments on “What’s New In Your Kitchen – Bento Box Edition”

  1. November 3, 2010 at 6:37 am #

    Bento box always makes me think of my days in school when my mom used to pack rice with some topping and delicious yummy things in it. Your bento box is so cute and sweet.
    When I was a kid, I was picky eater, too. So my mom used to create colorful food like Japanese bento for me.


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    [...] started to discuss this topic in my last post about our new bento boxes, but I figured that I would continue here.  My son who will be 3 at the end of January has [...]

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